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This is where Janathon really starts


Janathon day 2 and this is where it really starts.

Afterall running on new years day is relatively easy.  Everyone does it.  It’s the done thing.  It’s a big statement of New Year Resolutions, new starts and promised exercise and healthy living programmes. (As many of us saw. all those keen runners out on New years day in their shiny new kit!)   Also after telling the world, while fueled with New Years eve cheer your intentions, you just have to get on with it, however bad the hangover.  Fortunately I found it comparatively easy (after a bit of a lie in) as it was such a beautiful crisp day and the opportunity to run somewhere new is always exciting.

Day 2 and things get tougher…  Second day in a row, switching back into normal life and without the buzz and glamour of new years day.  We traveled back to London and it was drizzling and already practically dark at 3.30pm when I was free to run.  I had a bit of a fair-weather moment… do I have to? Movie and the warm sofa were beckoning.

But it’s Janathon. So in true Janathon style I grabbed yesterday’s kit from the laundry pile.  It was going to get wet anyway and as those of you already experienced in all things Janathon (new Janathoners will find out soon enough), by at least day 18, running kit will be regularly trawled out from the laundry basket, picked up from the floor or dragged from under the cat and re-worn.  So I might as well start as I mean to end up.

A good run and I had to appreciate Janathon for making me get out there because it turned out to be one of the good ones where everything feels right and running felt effortless, natural and fluid (untill my lungs worked out what was going on and got all huffy and puffy).

An attractive damp dusk enjoying one of the last evenings of the christmas lights on the high street.

4.3 miles run.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

12 thoughts on “This is where Janathon really starts

  1. haha – that was why I cleared the ironing pile – I learnt from last year that washing & ironing is the last thing that gets done during an Athon! Well done on another miles Rachel x

  2. “Start as you mean to end up!” Love it.

  3. The question is can one set of running gear go the month without being washed?!

  4. You are a model of economy and willpower.

  5. Yup – have already reworn and tentatively left it out to wear again tomorrow…

  6. It’s only by chance than design that I have a full set of clean kit tomorrow. I am not optimistic for the rest of the month.

  7. As I pulled on my kit for a second (OK, I lied, third) time this morning I did wonder if I was just a truly skanky human being who hadn’t grown up from my student sporting days. Very relieved to find I’m not. This stuff is now going in the wash though – it’s gross!

  8. I don’t even have any kit at the moment. Going to have to cobble together and improvise. Washing is the least of my problems!

  9. Ha ha! When my husband discovered that I’d worn the same kit for 2 days yesterday he said “That is disgusting, well at least we’re in Spain, people will probably think it’s the drains!”

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