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Slow enough to be chugged


I really needed to run today but my side is still hurting from my injury incurred when taking part in the dangerous sport of sofa surfing on new years day.  This morning I was a bit sad, moving around like a granny and groaning every time I got up from a chair but every time I twist my torso or engage my core muscles it’s painful!

I hoped it would ease as the day went on but in the end took a couple of nurofen this afternoon because by then I really really wanted to run.  A few hours at home observing my teenage son ‘revising’ for his mock GCSE exams was frustrating enough and if I mentioned the word revision  I was accused of shouting and being a nag.  Then he does even less (if that’s humanly possible, but maybe the young are able to work in nanoseconds) and of course it’s all my fault.  Best to be out running.

So I decided to go for it at 5pm, feeling safe under the cover of darkness if it got ugly.  Just as well because it was slower than slow.  I could run as long as I kept my upper body still, kept to a straight line (not easy on busy shopping streets) and kept to an easy pace.  Actually it was slower than easy pace.  It was slow enough for a Chugger to try to stop me and ask me to help save the (whale, children, fazzled mothers, world) when I’m normally left alone because I might look like a proper runner!

Janathon day 4,  3.18 very slow and slightly painful miles, should have stopped after 1 but you have to get home.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

13 thoughts on “Slow enough to be chugged

  1. that’s some commitment right there

  2. Dedicated janathoning there. I hope your side recovers soon so that you can resume your usual 9:18 min/mile pace 🙂

  3. Well done but BE CAREFUL. The last thing you need is a niggling injury just when you’re about to start Marathon training!

  4. Good going! With the teenager and the run.

  5. That’s dedication for you! Well done!

  6. I have a teenage son too – revision does seem to be a word that winds them up! As you say, “best to be out running”!

  7. Ooh sounds sore take it easy

  8. Oops…stupid WordPress reader thing just commented on wrong blog. HennieMavis… If you’re reading this…that one was for you!

  9. I would like to comment on this post too but I have no idea what a chugger is! Unless it refers to the children’s TV programme – Chuggington. Commitment to the running cause from your good self though hope it’s minor

  10. sending you a big hug xx

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