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End of Janathon.


Janathon is over for another year, or until Juneathon anyway. January hasn’t been one of my best running months with a few minor injuries and a cold. However I’m treating the end of Janathon as a beginning not an end.  I’m using it as a starting point for the serious part of my marathon training, getting stronger and more flexible and losing a few pounds.

I might have missed a weeks training and a long run this week but am staying chilled. I still have 3 months to go before my marathon and did run 100 miles in January so I’m far from lost.  However my first training race, a Half Marathon in 2 weeks won’t be at record-breaking pace.

I’m also putting my self challenge down on paper, (or screen). My goal is to be 9 stone, or less, by the end of April and improve on my speed mile pace of about 7.40 min/mile.  (ran a few weeks ago with Louise and probably near enough to my current best effort mile to be a good starting point).

As I’ve still got a bit of pain in my Glutes when running I decided not to run before my 10k with Alma this weekend. So no delayed long run to crank up my Janathon mileage on the last day for me.

Instead I took myself off for a swim. Its been at least a year since I last swam (apart from on holiday) so it’s just as well I checked my kit bag because the costume in there was a wee bit small! I eventually found a more appropriate size but I’m sure that one has been shrunk in the wash too! My favourite goggles were also missing having been used and lost by my one of my sons at school (Note to self… next pair need to be much more pink) but I managed with a foggy pair of theirs.

Janathon day 31. 50 lengths, 1km swum. All breast stroke (really should be more confident and practice my front crawl) feeling good to be back in the water after so long.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

2 thoughts on “End of Janathon.

  1. Oh I could have written this entry too! Even down to the breaststroke v crawl thing. I suck at front crawl and need it if I`m to do sea swims.Do you find yourself with so much more stamina though in the pool because of the running? And it complements the running so much, I think as it stretches everything out.

  2. OK I’ll hold you to that – I have decided that the next 6 months are all about getting fit and losing weight – it is my primary goal. Text me if you find yourself reaching for the chocolate and I’ll remind you of this post!

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