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Bath Half Marathon


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I had a great trip away in Bath with Alma this weekend.  Bath is a lovely city and the Half Marathon was well organised and friendly. It’s a mass participation event that didn’t feel too big and the race is run on wide roads which were not over congested. It’s not a hilly or undulating course but there are some changes in gradient, probably best described as ‘Bath flat!’

Our experience was enhanced by the fact that we were staying in a hotel within walking distance from the station and only 5 minutes from the race start. There are not many race mornings when there is no rude early alarm and you can be sitting under a duvet, drinking tea and eating breakfast whilst watching the TV at 8.30 in the morning.

In the days before the race I was chewing over what sort of pace to run at. What pace could I realistically keep up for 13 miles? I knew because of injury and only 2 weeks training with a longest run of 10 miles (longest since my marathon in November! Tut Tut) that PB pace was out of the question (could maybe manage 3 or 4 miles at that!)  So was matching recent HM paces and even sub 2 (that might get me to half way?). I also considered marathon pace, whatever that should be, as this was really a training run.

In the end I decided to stop thinking too much and just relax and enjoy it and see how my legs and recently recovered glutes coped with the distance.  So I plugged in my race playlist, started my garmin and pulled my sleeve down over it to cover it up and just ran.  I tried to hold a steady pace which maintained a consistent effort, which was not too easy but also not enough to make me breathless or raise my heart rate which I felt I could keep up for the whole race.

When I downloaded my splits last night I was rather proud of my consistent pacing.  I don’t think I could have done any better watching my Garmin all the way round.  Being free just to run and take in the course without worrying about pace and time was wonderful.

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17 thoughts on “Bath Half Marathon

  1. Very consistent pacing and a speedy finish. Sounds good to me 🙂

  2. Wow, that is fantastic pacing – well impressed! 🙂

  3. We seem to have had similar pre-race injury problems, but at least we both completed our respective halves this weekend. Congratulations!

  4. Wow very impressed with that pacing. You should apply to be an official pacer at races!

  5. Oh if only I could run that pace with little training and injury…..(sigh). Congratulation.

  6. thanks for a lovely weekend! same again next year?

  7. Fabulous! So glad your injury has abated. Your steady pace (without looking) is amazing. I should get a Garmin or the like. Seeing stats like this is really fun & informative. Well done!

  8. Very Good. Superb pacing. xx

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  10. Great time with your lack of training and such consistent pacing! 🙂

  11. Nice run report, I might consider bath in 2014!

  12. well done – thats a damn good time! Good that you just went and enjoyed it – thinking more and more that that is the secret to a good run 🙂

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