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Long Runs and Buses



At times my long runs are much less reliable than buses but when I’m marathon training I (usually) manage to do them a bit more often.

Sometimes frequent buses are just what you need when fatigue sets in, it’s getting late, cold, you’re feeling knackered and just want to get home.

That’s what happened to me on Sunday. Thirteen plus miles on my feet and I had just plain had enough.  Trouble was I was at least 3 miles from home.  Stagger on? Walk and take even longer? or phone a friend (OH)?  A that moment a bus came round the corner.  I have never ever been so pleased to see a 295 bus in all my life! (and for my habit of always carrying my oyster card and some cash).  And so I was rescued from deepest Fulham.

After last weekend’s Half Marathon I had gone out on my planned long run.  It turned out to be a step up in mileage too far having had time out with injury and 16 miles was just a bit too much for only my 3rd long run post injury.  Either that or I have thought too much recently about Half Marathon being the perfect distance and my current favourite race.

So I have had to make a few more adjustments along the road towards my marathon.  I will do 16 miles next week and not run the first of my 20 mile races on Sunday as it just feels too soon.  I will save that distance for the week after and maybe again during April.

Top tip for other would-be bus hoppers during long runs.  You can’t stay on the bus too long before you cool down and start to get chilled.  I did get off the bus in traffic nearer home and run (at a much faster pace) most of the last mile home rounding my run up to 14.4 miles.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

6 thoughts on “Long Runs and Buses

  1. Nothing wrong with that – defo the right decision as you don’t want to injure yourself again by going too far too soon.

  2. A couple of years ago I ran a half marathon and then part of my training also included running home from it. I got to about a mile from home and my hip was so sore making me limp. I was also very relieved to see a bus approach. I always carry an emergency pound on me which isn’t enough for the trip but the bus driver took pity on me standing there still with my number attached and with a space blanket wrapped round me. Thank you Mr Glasgow bus driver.

  3. you still did 14 miles after all!

  4. Glad to see you listening to your body.:)

  5. Been there. Done that. Oyster cards rule!

  6. Makes me feel nostalgic from when i was doing all my running in Fulham. Although from experience i know that bus can be slower than walking let alone running!

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