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I have been reviewing the situation


and have made a grown up decision… I am not running my second marathon at Milton Keynes on 6th May this year.

I am just not prepared enough. Several small niggles and silly injuries have made an impact on my mileage since Christmas and although now back into training properly, I realised this week that my plans to increase my long runs in time to be marathon ready are too optimistic.  I was pulled up sharply with ITB pain on Tuesday after my long run this weekend. Too much too soon without a solid base of a couple of months good running behind me. Just comparing recent mileage with my monthly totals in the 4 months before I ran Rutland Marathon last Autumn is enough to show me what’s missing. Cross training has kept up my fitness levels and started to improve my all over strength but neither can help me go from 0 to 30 miles running a week quickly without getting even more injuries.

I will continue with my planned build-up races, dropping back to the 16 mile option at the Hyde Park 20 and look forward to racing the East London Half in April and then move on to some 10K races after that. I will also be continuing with my TRX training and plyometric exercises which I’m learning with my PT and really enjoying, especially as I can see the start of some noticeable toning effects!

I suppose I could, having already entered the race and with no deferral option, still go ahead and run it with less training and a get round run-walk strategy. I would however like to go into number 2 marathon at least as well-trained as I was for the first. I’m not such a seasoned marathoner to be able to take part for the ‘fun of it’ or ‘on a whim’ without any impact on my body not to mention the fact it would take a bloody long time!

In addition I now discover that race day is the day before my Son’s first GCSE exam. Not that I’m much use to him revision wise (he’s been educating me about 20th century european history) nor nagging! But there are times, as the parent of a teenager, when you just need to be boringly there, available, in the background, doing nothing much.

Marathon not quit, just postponed.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

8 thoughts on “I have been reviewing the situation

  1. I’m currently in the injury phase and understand your situation but it seems like you’ve made the sensible decision. Great posting by the way, hope you are enjoying being back in training. Hopefully you’ll line up for the East London Half (do say hello if you see me).

  2. Sounds insanely sensible – I am sure there will be many more marathons to run in the future and you won’t miss the one that got away!

  3. Oh thats a shame – i have signed up to that one however i am glad you are being sensible. 🙂

  4. Sounds like the right decision – no point in courting more injury.

  5. definitely the right decision and good to have the pressure off at a time when you don’t need any extra pressure 🙂
    come cheer us on at Brighton?

  6. Very sensible – no point running it if you don’t feel on top form.

  7. A no doubt tough but very sensible decision. Much better plan to stay fit and well.

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