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What is it about May that dampens my mojo? Is it the long anticipated arrival of spring and summer that never happens? Or is it that I wake up and find myself almost halfway through the accelerating year with all plans and deadlines squashed up against the long summer holidays. Panic!

So here we are in May again and I’ve lost my way with my running a little and have no enthusiasm for work, blogging or domestic organisation. This year I’m also a bit of a cat on a hot tin roof with elder son home on ‘study’ leave whose idea of revision is a little short of mine. I guess he’s no different from me at that age and my source of stress is seeing him make the same mistakes as me. I just need to take a chill pill and leave him to choose his own path, it’s his life.

It’s another May when my Bupa London 10,000m race pack lands on the door mat and I think ‘Oh hell, I’m sure I was going to do some focussed training and for that’. I’ve run this race since it started in 2008. The first 3 years I got progressively faster with my 10K PB in 2010. Since then it’s become a bit of a pyramid and I’m going back the other way! I really hope I don’t complete the pattern for the 6th race next week.

Fortunately I got lots of inspiration at Write This Run on Sunday. A super day with great speakers. I was inspired and moved hearing about their experiences of Ultra Running, overcoming debilitating illness to compete at triathlon and setbacks to run a marathon a week and raise awareness of mental health. I am inspired to ‘get on with it’, run further, smarter and get back to parkrun. I was inspired, informed and encouraged to write and blog more, follow my instincts and have picked up new ideas and confirmation of things I am already trying to do. We had an informative and entertaining day and then we went for a run with an Olympic marathon runner! Well done and thanks to Laura and Liz.

It’s a great morning here today, there is a beautiful blue sky and I think I’ve shaken off my cold. I even managed to drive all the way around Shepherds Bush without stopping (small pleasures from simple things) which must be a good sign! Time to dust myself down and act on my inspiration.

Thank goodness that Juneathon is around the corner.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. It was great to meet you at Write this Run! I know what you mean about the May mojo thing – for me I think it’s a bit of post-spring marathon season blues, Plus the fact the weather is so rainy!

  2. You may not have been following a 10k plan but you have been doom your BMF speed sessions and you know that you can run the distance. So I suspect you will do better than you expect.

  3. see you at the BUPA 10000 x

  4. I think that this relentlessly crappy weather has got a lot of people down, and you’ve got added pressure this year. Just run. Don’t set targets. Get out into the Spring and look at the blossom and the flowers. It will cheer you up and gradually you’ll feel more like attacking your times again and busting another PB xxxxxx

  5. The bupa 10000 looks great! I’m definitely feeling more uninspired (again!) now that the weather seems to keep going backwards instead of forwards 🙂 Glad you enjoyed WTR, looked like a really well put-together day, maybe I’l lbuild the courage up one day to go!

  6. Wow – that day sounds amazing. Just try and enjoy yourself. Your mojo will surely return.

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