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Three parkruns, three weeks in a row! It might not sound that great, as many people run 52 in a year, but it is a minor miracle for me considering I’ve only managed 3 or 4 a year before!

I nearly didn’t make it at all. Those critical 10 mins dozing after the first alarm ( I assume everyone is like me and requires at least 3 alarms to get up in the morning) when you can either go back to sleep or fight it, mind over matter, and get out of bed. Thank goodness for Juneathon for helping me summon the determination to get going, it’s too easy to postpone it for another week, and another. I find it strange, when trying to get up, that I feel so tired and desperately in need of a long sleep in but if I do make it out of bed in 10 mins or so after a cup of tea I feel fine and have plenty energy to face the day. Sometimes I promise myself I can go back to bed later or have an afternoon nap but never feel like it! I must remember that for next Saturday when the first alarm goes off.

I was rewarded for my efforts in getting up with another PB. And most importantly my first sub 25 minute parkrun at Wormwood Scrubs on our slightly lumpy grassy course. I’ve scraped under 25 twice before a few years ago on faster courses but really wanted to do it at home.

It’s so true that the good runs happen when you don’t expect them and aren’t trying too hard. Not that I wasn’t trying, I did think about what I ate this morning (less) and drank (less wine last night and more water this morning) and I grabbed a gel with caffeine as I left for rocket fuel. I looked at my garmin starts from last week and noted the sections of the course where I ran slowest which I should concentrate on attacking this week. (Thanks @2coldfingers for the tip in your Q&A on Marathon Widows Diaries blog). I also decided to hold back more at the start and not overdo my starting pace as the first section is uphill gradually and leaves me hanging out when it flattens out if I start too fast. Apart from that I ran on feel. (Looking at my garmin makes me feel either tired, panicked or despondent so I’ve stopped looking!)

Being a small group we soon spread out and I ran alone for much of it, trying to keep the runner in front in sight. I looked back as I got towards the end of the first lap when someone overtook me to check I wasn’t last, and was relieved to see someone who’d left me for dust last week behind me. On the second run uphill I gritted my teeth and put my efforts into holding pace. Near the top I overtook someone who was a good minute or so ahead of me at the last two runs so I got a boost which kept me concentrating to the end. I knew I was possibly on track to get below 25 mins so I was very happy to find out I’d done so with a little time to spare.

Juneathon day 15. 3.05 miles in 24.23

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

6 thoughts on “Hat-trick

  1. Sub 25 minutes? That’s awesome!

  2. Very well done. I struggled at parkrun, too much wine and g&ts the nite before.

  3. Wow! That is incredible!

  4. go you! that is amazing!!!!!

  5. Super-speedy! Well done Rachel!

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