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I needed that


I spent the day glued to my computer in the name of work only broken up by darting out to run one or two urgent errands and chauffeur a lazy teenager to his last GCSE exam. Thank goodness they’ve finished because he can stop pretending to work and I can stop stressing!

It was nearly 7pm when I finished the worse of it all and downed tools. My back ached, I was tired and cross-eyed and in need of a glass of wine. Do I have to run? I got my shorts on quick and pushed myself out the door for a quick 5K nip round the block.

It was very warm so I didn’t push myself. I wasn’t in the mood to be a molten mess gasping for air. I just tootled on, lost in my own thoughts and found myself extending my loop as I went because I was comfortable and it was so nice to be outside, free, away from it all and unwinding. Plenty of other runners came huffing and puffing past me looking all hot and sweaty. I left them to it and kept it easy. But maybe not so easy when that guy was trying to overtake me nor on the downhill stretch home. Wheeeeee!

One of the good ones. I really needed that run and felt so much better afterwards.

Juneathon day 19. 4.93 miles in 46.05

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

11 thoughts on “I needed that

  1. Oh, I just love those relaxed runs. They really keep us hanging on in there with the tougher ones.

  2. Sounds great! xx

  3. Congrats on finishing GCSEs!I share your pain on the stress of dealing with a laid back exam candidate!
    Great run!

  4. A great way to wind down after a stressful day

  5. Great way to end a stressful day

  6. Your comment about gcse’s made me smile, that’s exactly how I felt 5 years ago, then I was hit with the thought that I will be thinking the same in 5 years time! Oh ******
    Glad you had a good run it was hot wasn’t it?

  7. Makes me want to go out for a run now!

  8. Well done you! Very dedicated!

  9. Well done! I think the wine would have got me first!

  10. Excellent – you had a better one that me. great 6 miles yesterday then a slow struggle of just over 2 today.

  11. Lets all keep the good runs overshadowing the bad ones – well done.

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