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I am pleased to report that I am on the road to recovery following a recent bout of ‘Can’t Be Arsed to Run’ disease. After 16 days of no exercise whatsoever I started my recovery by dragging myself to Medina (IOW) parkrun on Saturday morning. Well it was my birthday and I had to prove I’m not completely over the hill (yet) although I am obviously getting into that really annoying middle-aged ‘can’t work out technology’ stage because I failed to press ‘Go’ on my garmin.

Just as well really because I’m not in a big hurry to see my split times after an ‘interesting’ run. The combination of fresh legs, feel-good effect of running again mixed with what 16 days inactivity had done to my cardiovascular fitness left me red-faced, huffing and puffing after a rather optimistic fast start. After a mile or so I was feeling somewhat breathless, light-headed and queasy. I carried on at a more appropriate pace and recovered to have a few chats with overtaking runners and finish in a respectable enough time, not quite my slowest parkrun.

CBA disease affects me once or twice a year. Usually in school holidays at Christmas or in the Summer, when I am out of my normal routine, there are friends or family to hang out with and drink wine with or too many teenagers moping around causing chaos. It’s normally when we are staying on the Isle of Wight and symptoms include much winging, whining, moaning and gnashing of teeth accompanied with complaints about not wanting to run on too busy twisting country roads, the wrong sort of weather or lack of nearby BMF classes.

The decent summer weather in the UK made it particularly bad this year and although I hung out on the beach and even went in the sea the few moments when my feet were not touching the bottom can probably not be classed as exercise or swimming!


Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

10 thoughts on “CBA

  1. Well done on your ‘recovery’! 😀

  2. hahaha CBA,wil remember that ne.. wel done on the parkrun and hope you had a great day on your birthday x

  3. Happy bday.
    The cure for CBA I found this summer was an autumn half marathon training plan.

  4. Sign up to a race! Nothing like a bit of pressure!

  5. The CBAs come to us all. They usually pass, along with all the little niggles which have built up beforehand.

  6. Really enjoyed reading this. It happens to us all but you made it entertaining to read. Thanks. Xx

  7. I do agree, I suffer from CBA quite a bit, but a lot in August!

  8. Glad you are on the mend 😉

  9. I too suffer from CBA a lot. But at least there is a pretty beach 🙂

  10. CBA problems? I have a friend who runs at least one mile a day. He is a member of an organisation called ‘Running Streak.’ I tried it for a while. I found that, because I was doing at least 1 mile a day, come illness, come rain or shine etc etc the question in my mind was ‘when shall I go running today?’ not ‘shall I go running today?’

    I’d really recommend trying this out if anyone struggles for motivation.

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