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Abso-bloomin-lutely!  Although I might argue that this morning it was a good call staying in bed for self-preservation and not being a mere wimp.

Not a great start for day 1 of my 4th Janathon when for the first time I did not get up for a New Years Day morning run. I had set my alarm and when it went off at 8am all I could hear was the rain on the roof and the wind rattling the windows.  Isle of Wight Rural roads might be quiet enough on New Years morning to be safe for a road run but today it was dark all day and the wind was blowing the rain horizontally. My OH didn’t seem keen for any kind of cycle, I didn’t much fancy being blown across the road into a car and had plenty to get done today without adding a half hour car ride each way to somewhere more convenient to run,

Jo suggested, on twitter, a bed plank but by then I was already up.

I decided on a Dressing Gown dash to get some logs in.  I found a dressing gown but realised the logs were already inside.

I did paint some skirting boards, a door frame and a cupboard and wondered if that would count?

I climbed a ladder and repainted a bit of wall thinking that painting and climbing ladders at the same time was better.

I still felt guilty so did 10 press-ups and 10 squats and a plank.

Then I read some blogs (I promise to comment properly tomorrow and not just press ‘like”, it’s just that most of the time I only had one paint free finger) contemplated a bit and decided:  Sod guilty.  I’ll catch up with running, Janathon  and my training tomorrow, at the weekend, in due course, especially when I’m back in London.

So today I enjoyed mooching with my family in front of movies and getting this house fixed up and beautiful ready to sell so we can move on to our next adventure.


Isle of Wight – come on down the water’s everywhere!

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

18 thoughts on “Fairweatherrunner?

  1. You had similar weather to ours (we live in Portsmouth). My parkrun buddies put me to shame by running a double parkrun in it this morning and I finally forced myself out for a run late this afternoon.

  2. Hey sounds like our weather here in sunny Devon! I got out for a run, come on you light weight!

  3. The weather seems to be horrid all over the country! Press ups, squats, planks and DIY sound like a good start to me!

  4. I think that’ll count, but just to be on the safe side, give me 10 push-ups on your knuckles! 🙂

  5. I know the feeling, I eventually dragged myself out for a run just before 4pm. Doing squats was on my list of possible activities for today!

  6. Good, creative janathoning 🙂 the IOW always seems to be a bit more extreme than the mainland (Sussex/Surrey today) which was revolting enough.

  7. It was indeed a very wet day one! Can’t wait for the snow!!!

  8. Mooching must count as exercise – it’s a doing word. It must be it ends in ing 😉

  9. Reading your blog and Sharon’s log makes me glad I was running in Middlesbrough 🙂

  10. I’m sure you’ll be doing plenty of VLM training miles in January to make up for it!

  11. It was an awful day to get Janathon started.

  12. I couldn’t face the wet today either, brr!

  13. Sounds like far too much exercise for a new years day if you ask me!

  14. Yesterday was rubbish weather! Not the best for people trying to start their New Year’s Resolutions! Well done for getting the pressups, squats and plank in! 🙂

  15. after getting soaked volunteering at pakrun and again walking the dog, I opted out of a run 🙂

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