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The nice thing about marathon training is ‘having’ to get another pair of shoes so that I have two pairs to alternate and don’t get to marathon day and find my only wearable pair of running shoes are worn out.  When I noticed one of my current pairs, which I rotate for road running, was falling apart I took the opportunity of the Sales to get some new ones. (Yes, I know I’ve got many other pairs in the hallway – but only this model is right at the moment. As many of you will understand!)

I’ve worn them for short walks and cycling to wear them in this week but needed a suitable opportunity to run in them for the first time.  My midweek runs are beginning to increase in distance to make sure I get the miles in because I’m using BMF classes for 2 or 3 of my ‘runs’ each week. BMF is great for leg  strength (with all those squats lunges and burpees etc)  and for getting in some  flat-out sprints and fast paced short runs but the overall miles covered (about 3 miles a class on average) doesn’t give me excessive time on my feet in the marathon bank.

So today I bravely  went for an 8 mile run in my new shoes,  They were absolutely fine. They just felt a bit more cushioned and springy (can’t be a bad thing) but otherwise similar to my old pair which are pretty much the same model.

What I was worried about was forgetting to pick up my water bottle on the way out.  I needn’t have worried because plenty fell from the sky! (and the water fountains worked.)  At least running in the rain made me run at a good constant pace without really noticing.  I am now asking very nicely of the weather gods,  if they have any significant weather in mind for marathon day please can it be rain and not a heat wave!

Janathon day 16  8.21 miles run.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

16 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. I love your shoes! I got new shoes on day 1 of Janathon but I’ve still not worn them, it’s too wet and muddy 🙂

  2. Nice new shoes, great mileage too 🙂

  3. Super cute! What brand and where did you get them!?

  4. Nothing like rain on a race day 🙂 nice shoes too!

  5. I too have a new pair i have yet to wear.

  6. Love em!

  7. Good run, I’ll have to get a new pair as present ones are around 500 mile mark and I need -like you- to break them in before the marathon on May.

  8. you can never have too many trainers! nice colour and great mileage x

  9. I’m fairly convinced that 500 mark is some arbitrary number set out by shoe companies. Mileage depends on the quality of your shoe, the terrain you run on, and your form. If you run on a treadmill your shoes will eat it quick, if you run on soft trails, your shoes will last longer. If you have poor form, you’ll wear soft spots in your soles in no time. If you have relatively good form, you can see 700/800 miles or even more from a good pair of kicks. I’m big fan of minimal zero drop shoes like SKORA …

  10. I am all over new marathon shoes. Just stocked up on Asics and some Innov8 claws, but interested in getting the Boosts too. Everyone raves about them.

  11. I hope they retain the pretty color even after the virgin run rain. Good shoes!

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