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I love dogs and one day, when I spend less time in London and/or we retire I hope to have one of my own.

However. I hate dog owners (probably a paid dog walker who doesn’t care less) who do not pick up after their dogs in Hyde Park. I wonder if a loving dog owner would like to drop down and give me 5 (press-ups) and find their hand in their darling pooches business? And then be unlucky enough on the same morning to get a knee full?

Enough said. I got unlucky while doing too many burpees this morning! Fortunately there were lots of puddles to wash hands and knees in and wet grass to roll/wipe my knees on. I was also sensible not to touch my face for the rest of the class, and even after a hand wipe not to touch any food until I’d scrubbed and soaked in the bath!

So please think when you are out walking a dog.  It might be you, or even your children, sitting in, rolling in or getting a handful of poo if you don’t pick it up.

Rant over.

Janathon day 22.  1 BMF class (3 miles run) 5 miles cycled.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

7 thoughts on “Dogs…

  1. So with you on this rant, I can also smell it from here-the poo that is!

  2. I think I’m the only person in the world who’s not bothered about dog poo.

  3. I hate it. Did you k ow it can cause blindness?

  4. ugh! I totally agree.. I always pick up after my dog, and get so annoyed when I step in the mess left by those selfish idiots

  5. Gross, I can’t believe other dog owner who don’t pick up the poo especially when it’s in the middle of the path! Yet I am out there with a torch clearing up after my two dogs.

  6. Im fairly sure my dog looks over his shoulder when he’s done and I think I once heard him say “you can pick that up for me.“ I dont undetstand people that haven’t worked out how to consider others and the world around them. Luckily they are a minority, just a shame they have a.disproportionately large effect on us. Now, more running!

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