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Another parkrun fix


I’m sure it must have been Abradypus who first put the idea into my head that if you spend Friday night within 30 mins travelling distance (probably more like 60 for her these days) from a parkrun you’ve not run, it is quite rude not to make it there the next morning.  So I checked with our family we were staying with who confirmed that Braunstone pakrun was in fact about 30 mins drive away.

I made it there this morning with 2 mins to spare, perfect timing for a cold drizzly day as I ran from the car to catch the end of the welcome and announcements. No getting cold or give away tell-tale sign of being a tourist or first timer by turning up 20 minutes early for me! Turns out my hubby doesn’t know Leicester quite as well as he claims, or they’ve added a few dual carriage ways and cinema complexes since he were a lad.

Anyway it was a very well attended parkrun over 2 laps of a not too unattractive urban park. A bit busy at the start, but just enough to temper idiots (who me?) who go off too fast and then die round the first corner and then take the next 2 miles recovering. But it soon spread out and I had a good run and managed to knock a few more seconds off my average pace. Not flat but nothing too bad for the first 3 miles until the finish straight up a hill for the final 0.1 of a mile! Sprint finish effort at snail pace. Thank god it was only 0.1.

Janathon day 3, parkrun number 27, 14th venue.

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

8 thoughts on “Another parkrun fix

  1. Uphill finish? How rude.

  2. I keep thinking I should go and have a run at a park run event – I’ve got the barcode, have had it for 2 years, yet have not done a single one yet. Perhaps next weekend.

  3. That certainly sounds like something I’d say 🙂

    Six more venues to go and you’re on the most events table!

  4. 14th venue – awesome

  5. Uphill finish is not on!

    Good running and great to see you back. Seems we’ll hit 50 round about the same time!

  6. Nice to run somewhere new! Must give it a try sometime (once I have worked up the confidence to!)

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