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I decided my fuzy head and dizziness was probably more  due to hayfever than under fuelling  as I have been waking up the day after being in the park feeling very congested even though I haven’t got a cold.  Time to look out my hayfever tablets.  It turns out it was a few more years than I remember I last needed them because the ones in my drawer were use by 2009. Maybe a little over the optimum!. I’ll go shopping tomorrow. 

    Thanks to Juneathon I did run today. Having said i’d run everyday this  week I had get out there to maintain my mini run streak. No excuses, no token planks or pretended home workouts I had to go out and run. 

    Just 2 miles round the block, avoiding the parks and pollen, to bring my weekly mileage to the highest for several months.   Not a huge amont compared to my past or for many but  a good start in my return and a base for my marathon training this autumn. 

    It felt good and my legs were feeling more like my own at last. Ready for next week. 

    Juneation day 7.  2.1 miles run. 

    Week 1. 18.2 miles run 15 miles cycled. 


    Author: fairweatherrunner

    West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

    3 thoughts on “Streak saver

    1. Oooh, does the 2009 use-by date (maybe bought in 2008) support the idea of hayfever coming on in 7 year cycles? And yay for solid marathon bases! *makes mental note to get one of those*

    2. Seems to be a bad year for hayfever!

    3. Well done on keeping your run streak going.

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