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A mile with Ed

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A mile with my 16 year old son was all it took to get me motivated to run this evening.  

I admitted around 5pm that a cold glass of wine was far preferable to a run around  the block and  I was thinking about wimping out.  

He didn’t accept that,  and for some reason (a post GCSE need for a little exercise, or a must get out the house today feeling?) or other he told me if we got going before 6pm he would run for 10 minutes with me.  I was changed in a flash (he stuck to T shirt and chinos) and we set off. I told him we’d manage at least a mile in 10 minutes so  he re-negotiated a mile or 10 minutes whichever came first. 

To start with he mocked the easy pace I started us at. He could walk as fast as that.   I pushed the pace to show him what I might normally run at.  He was happy with that and we ran along together for the first half mile, Ed asking if we’d been 5 minutes yet so we could turn home. (He’s definitely more of a sprinter than endurance runner. But maybe with a little training?)

Towards a mile he said his legs were aching (I think his footwear was too minimalist for pavement pounding) and we eased off and stopped at one mile a tad short of the 10 minutes. We walked the last bit home. 

Having run one mile I was out the door, warmed up and well set up for my loop around the block only slowed by the 50% of pedestrians who are texting and not looking where they are going and bumping into two friends along the way. 

A good evenings running.  Thanks Ed. 

Juneathon day 25

1 mile with Ed plus 

3.1 miles around the block. 

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

One thought on “A mile with Ed

  1. yep, my teenager always mocks my speed too but she has to give up after 5 mins. Has yet to make the connection though despite my efforts

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