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First world problems


Juneathon ends with all the problems of being a Juneathoner, BMFer, runner and some time cyclist. 

(Blog for previous days 27 and 28 etc etc on the way, honest). 

Anyway, this evening I had to get scrubbed up and appear, albeit brefly, in a respectable state for a reception at school before the sixth form leavers ball (schools way of reducing pre-loading by including the parents at the start) Just for an hour. 

So while my son got suited and booted, I  just had to be clean and shiny and respectable (help) in a suitable dress without trying too hard. 

No problem. I grabbed my go to dress for more formal occasions when it’s hot.  

Problem 1.   Dress might have been bought 20 years ago  but it’s now a little bit too big. Yay, silly dance around the bedroom!  (Exercise and careful eating work). It could do with  taking in a bit, however it had to do tonight because the alternatives were just too warm. 

Problem 2. More make up was required on my legs than my face to cover up all my  bruises and horse fly bites from BMF and tan lines from cycle socks. (Attractive – not). Soon sorted with plenty of concealer and bronzer. 

I tried to get @juneathon to accept walking home in 3inch heels as my exercise for today. My feet did ache. That was not good enough. Instead I had to do a wine and Italian filled plank.  


 Blogs from last weekend and Juneathon round up to follow…

Author: fairweatherrunner

West London fair weather runner, British Military Fitness fan, mother of teenage sons and drinker of wine. Sometimes found on the Isle of Wight.

6 thoughts on “First world problems

  1. Very elegant plank on which to end Juneathon — well done!

  2. Amazing plank! that is gold standard.

  3. Compared to BlogJogger’s pajama garden jog… you are STAR!

  4. Great plank.

    Top of the class(y)!

  5. “(Blog for previous days 27 and 28 etc etc on the way, honest).” Hmm. You could at least update with your marathon training!

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