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Kill or Cure?

Oh My! What a state I was in when I finally dragged myself out of a very deep sleep this morning. I had to take a nurofen to ease my aching muscles and get myself moving. I was a comedy case getting my socks and shoes on and in drastic need of new glutes and inner thighs. Yesterday’s killer squat class might have cured my hip and knee niggles but had wiped out the rest of my lower body.

Things improved as I got moving. The more I moved the easier it got so I decided I would make BMF again today. After all I had promised friends who I missed on Monday that I’d be there today. (It’s all about the hot chocolate). I guessed that as long as I went in the lower group I would probably survive.

So I slung my leg over my bike (well tried to, on days like today a lady-like step through would have been a good idea) and pedaled gingerly towards Hyde Park. Not too bad at all but I did decide my saddle needs to go up a bit.

At BMF I started slowly, feeling a bit stiff. Bending to touch the ground generated a few pitiful oohs and ahhs. A little more gentle running and I began to feel my legs less and get on with it. Until the first squat And then a lunge. Ouch! It’s probably my fault we did plenty of squats today because the instructor decided I should quit winging at get on with it. Eventually it sopped being uncomfortable and I even began to feel good. Too good. I even found some pace and a few bursts of top speed before the class was out.

And then (after hot chocolate) I went home to get clean and eat. And then the DOMS* take 2 kicked in. Double DOMS. I Shouldn’t have sat down, not even for 1 minute. I took myself for a walk round the block to see if that helped. It didn’t. I tried a hot bath. I tried wine. This evening I am a physical wreck. I’m now trying being horizontal in bed with my net book.

Tomorrow all my activity will be a lot more sedate. Just don’t expect me to bend down, go up and down stairs or sit down without assistance.

Janathon day 7.

1 BMF class, 3 miles running.
5.2 miles cycled.

* DOMS. Delayed onset muscle soreness In case you’ve not come across the term before. Lucky you.




No snoozing my alarm today. Sons were up and off to school and mock exams so I got on my bike and off to my first BMF class of 2015. (Thank goodness for living near multiple venues for lots of classes.) Time to make up for yesterday’s failure.

Today I was told it was leg day. Great, I wasn’t feeling too awake after a restless nights sleep and my first early morning. Can handle that rather than running, I rashly thought.

We warmed up and then began to squat. And squat. Wide ones, low ones, lunge ones with a few laps of the pond or the basketball pitch to shake off the legs. Heels flat and bums to heels. The emphasis was on technique and slow controlled movements. Some of the wide side squats made me feel I was in drastic need of a bloody good stretch. We moved onto slow deep lunges. I could feel tomorrow’s DOMS coming on with every movement. More squats and shuttle runs (bend down touch the floor) and we were all feeling decidedly soft after Christmas.

As we stretched off at the end and asked cheekily where the pistol squats where (next time). Gail gave the class it’s proper name, Squat-tastic! And I noticed that for a pretty static class we had still notched up 2 miles running.

I cycled home for a large coffee, food, a hot bath to ease my poor legs and glutes plus a precautionary nurofen hoping I can walk tomorrow.

Janathon day 6.

4.5 miles cycling.
1 BMF class, more squats than I could count, 2.1 miles running.

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Juneathon days 24 and 25

Were both about BMF classes.

One was at Ravenscourt Park, one at Hyde Park.

One involved logs (the tree type) and bench (box) jumps and the other involved lots of sets (that’s a lot of many) of squats.

I’ve decided I like box jumps but my legs and glutes have decided they are not so keen on squats in large numbers, as I discovered a day or two afterwards.  But that’s another story.

Juneathon day 24, 1  hour BMF class (3 miles run),

Juneathon day 25, 1 hour BMF class (3 miles run) plus 5 miles cycling.



My new sandals have passed the holiday test. I have just walked 2 miles home and got no blisters, rubs or hot spots. In fact they felt so good I really felt like running (it was part of one of my regular running loops) and would have done if it hadn’t been for my handbag, lack of sports bra and a belly full of pasta and wine.

Today I also went to BMF again where we ran and ran and ran. I cycled there in a bit of a hurry because I was late again. Now I am completely cream crackered so don’t expect much from me tomorrow!

Juneathon day (what day is it?)
BMF class, we ran lots (over 4 miles) plus 5 and a bit miles cycled and a fast 2 mile walk home tonight.

Night all. Zzzz



More BMF and cycling today. I know it’s boring but it seems to be working. Working in that I’m really enjoying it and I’m keeping up exercising every day, working to get me running short blasts faster so eventually I will want to race again and working because I am noticing a difference (not on the scales) but my clothes are fitting better.

Today at Ravenscourt Park we flipped these lovelies!


My single speed is still out of action with a puncture so I’ve been using my new road bike to get around. It has been useful because the regular short rides have helped me get really comfortable and confident on it. Especially after some great online advice from Evans Cycles to rotate my handle bars to improve my reach on the brakes.

Tonight I mended the inner tube for my single speed but the patch failed and I ended up replacing it with a new one. All this putting tyres back on and off was a workout in itself and took ages. I can see why people pay a tenner for their LBS to do it for them!

Juneathon day 17.
1 BMF class (3 miles running), 1 tyre flipped a bit (took 2 of us), 4.3 miles cycled, 1 flat tyre mended, eventually.

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Benches and lampposts.

There are plenty of benches in Hyde Park when you have to do a burpee at each one as you run along the Serpentine. There appear to be fewer when you have to sprint to the third one down. There are also too many lampposts when you have to do three star jumps at each as you run laps of the bandstand.

That just about sums up my BMF class today. One of those classes where I started out regretting being in the faster group for the first half, but finding I was ok and enjoying it for the second.

It’s not as if I didn’t get a warm up on the way. I set out only to find I had a puncture (lend my bike to my son and this happens!) Fortunately I now have another bike so a rush back home to change bikes and I was on my way again but rather late. I flew there in a record 12 minutes, fastest time yet!

Juneathon day 16.
5 and a bit miles cycling and yet another BMF class (at least 3 miles running)


Another hot one

I could just copy my last blog post because todays exercise was the same as yesterday. A BMF class plus some cycling to get there and back and collect a parcel from the post office.

Except that, apart from the hot weather, it was very different in many ways. For a start the parcel I went to collect was actually there to be collected today!

I only just made it to Ravenscourt Park in time for BMF.  We had gone out early on spec to see if my new bike was ready for collection a day early.  It wasn’t because they are flat-out in the work shop. I reverted to plan a and BMF when I got home and realised that I would be only 10 mins or so later than normal leaving and could still make it.  This  focused my mind so I took the direct route down the bigger road that I normally avoid (and meander round the back streets). I discovered that the direct road route was not any more scary than the back streets and was significantly shorter and quicker!

Ravenscourt Park is much smaller than Hyde but it didn’t stop us running lots!  I suffered in the heat today which really slowed me down.  We did explore new bits of the park, finding logs to lift for Sumo squats and a nature park round a pond for a useful lap or two between sit-ups where it was essential to keep your mouth closed because of all the insects!

Juneathon day 12.

1 hour BMF class (3 miles running) plus 7 miles cycling.