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Juneathon day 11. 

Day 11 did happen it’s just the blog thats’s late and it’s all my washing machines fault. 

It was a gorgeous morning and my head felt like a morning run after giving my son a lift to his exam first thing. My legs however were feeling a wee bit stiff and my ab muscles were sore after BMF because I can finally do sit ups again after a sore rib last month. 

So I left it until later and  went out for an early evening loop around  (or should I say a square) my usual block.  I wasn’t  planning on any pace or effort, just to run on a warm evening and enjoy it.

I ended up running a nice progression run and have to thank the girl I overtook on High Street Kensington for pacing me for the start of my third mile. Having nipped past her at a crossing I felt it was only polite to keep up pace in front of her and she in rerurn stayed right behind me!  I turned off and finally lost her (phew) but by then was in a rythmn so continuted a good pace home. 

I got home to wash all three sets of running kit when the worst Juneathon disaster ever happened. My washing machine decided it had had enough mid cycle.  So I spent the rest of the evening trying to clear the filters, drain it (and retrieve my kit) and persuade the machine to work again before giving up and hand washing something to wear to BMF on Friday. 

Juneathon day 11 3.4 miles run. 

1 bust washing machine with 19 days still to go, time to lower standards and re wear kit. Eeww!  


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Feeling good. 

That’s the power of a good run and the benefit of a run streak. The more you run the fitter you get so runs feel easier, get a bit faster and your Strava stats make you feel good!  Progress. Thanks Juneathon.  

Today’s Juneathon was another 3 mile evening run.  I ran the same square loop around the block except for going anti clock wise for a little variety. Anti clockwise must suit me better, (well it does save any  gradient for over half way) as I was surprised  looking at my garmin that I was very comfortable keeping up an average pace around 9 minites per mile after struggling last week.  

Happy to see a bit of my old form returning. It might have been due to either me trying to keep warm in the cold wind tonight (nearly went out in a jacket and hat, it felt that cold)  or maybe just my desire to hurry home to a the cold glass of wine I promised myself!

Juneathon day 9. 3.2 miles run.  


The streak goes on

So we’re into #juneathon week 2 and for me streak week 2.   

I’ve just got to continue because not wanting to break my run streak got me out the door today and I enjoyed my run once I started.  My thourghts are if I don’t carry on I’ll be back to my recent Janathons and Juneathons and really not doing anything different to the rest of the year and it will be a bit of a fail because I’d be no fitter having not challenged myself. 

There I’ve committed. I am planning to  run everyday in June.   

A short blog today because I’ve spent part of the evening getting an education by being talked at by my son revising for his A levels. I guess it’s good for variety and he says he remembers more from talking it outloud and explaining it.  Plus it keeps him away from online distractions.  

I just smile and nod. Hope he’s not planning to test me later!

Juneathon day 8. 3 miles run. 


Streak saver

I decided my fuzy head and dizziness was probably more  due to hayfever than under fuelling  as I have been waking up the day after being in the park feeling very congested even though I haven’t got a cold.  Time to look out my hayfever tablets.  It turns out it was a few more years than I remember I last needed them because the ones in my drawer were use by 2009. Maybe a little over the optimum!. I’ll go shopping tomorrow. 

    Thanks to Juneathon I did run today. Having said i’d run everyday this  week I had get out there to maintain my mini run streak. No excuses, no token planks or pretended home workouts I had to go out and run. 

    Just 2 miles round the block, avoiding the parks and pollen, to bring my weekly mileage to the highest for several months.   Not a huge amont compared to my past or for many but  a good start in my return and a base for my marathon training this autumn. 

    It felt good and my legs were feeling more like my own at last. Ready for next week. 

    Juneation day 7.  2.1 miles run. 

    Week 1. 18.2 miles run 15 miles cycled. 



    I should have got back to parkrun…

    I normally use Juneathon and Janathon to get back in the habit  of going to parkrun. I should have gone this morning, however I had a very important date with my pillow and duvet this morning after a week of early starts.   There is always next week. I’ll just not look at my facebook/twitter/strava updates so I don’t regret not  going myself. 

    I finally found motivation to get out and run today from it being nearly wine o’clock, plus me having committed to run every day this week.  

    I started well, assuming after a bad day yeaterday and eating well since that today would be much better. It wasn’t and by half way I was feeling dizzy and light headded and had to have a walk break. 

    I plodded on and got home ok to refuel and wonder if my symptoms of dizzy head was due to hayfever or because my legs felt like jelly again I has still not eating right.  I’m learning. 

    Juneathon day 6, run steak continued 3.4 miles. 



    That was me at BMF today. I would start from the front (luck and position) and end a run at the back. 

    I kind of expected it after carrying two cups of tea up the stairs this morning (one way to wake sons) and finding myself jelly legged and breathless. Oh dear, BMF would be a challenge. 

    And it was. It was hot and humid making it hard work all round but I was running on empty.  I’ve been trying and succeeding to lose weight recently  (more in another blog soon) and some days I get my fuelling for exercise totally  wrong. Today was one of those days and I was jelly legged and dizzy. I must have underestimated the effect  of my extra Juneathon activities even though I have been keeping things easy and short.   

    Anyway my mini run streak has still continued for Juneathon day 5, even though I was unable to press start on my Garmin!  We did run plenty (I felt every blooming step)  plus I  Cycled   5 miles getting there and back.      



    My rather brief blog posts are because I’ve got the attention span of a gnat at the moment. (Apologies to gnats). This is entiiry due to the fact that both sons are in the middle of exams. (GCSEs and A levels) which is not too much of a problem in itself but it means that apart from going off to sit a paper for an hour or two a few days a week they are at home.  

    Yes, both sons home. Home full time.  Home for lunch. Home for cups of tea. Home for ‘Mum, is there any food?’ Home for ‘revision’ (if that really can be achieved while simultaneously  being on skype with your mates, watching a film on the other pc screen and playing guitar).  

    So it’s not supprising that I’m finding it a little hard to get on with my own work, chores, to-do list and stuff.  I just clear the decks and load all the mugs and plates into the dishwasher and settle down to start when another distraction comes along. Grrrr!

    There is a silver lining. I might be behind on things and my blog posts written in a rush but my running is benefitting.  I may not have the  ‘head space’ to work effectively but escaping out the door for a bit of time on my own to run has become something I look forward to and enjoy!  

    Juneathon day 4, my ‘get back to running’ mini run-streak continues. 

    3 mile, easy morning run around the block.