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Streak saver

I decided my fuzy head and dizziness was probably more  due to hayfever than under fuelling  as I have been waking up the day after being in the park feeling very congested even though I haven’t got a cold.  Time to look out my hayfever tablets.  It turns out it was a few more years than I remember I last needed them because the ones in my drawer were use by 2009. Maybe a little over the optimum!. I’ll go shopping tomorrow. 

    Thanks to Juneathon I did run today. Having said i’d run everyday this  week I had get out there to maintain my mini run streak. No excuses, no token planks or pretended home workouts I had to go out and run. 

    Just 2 miles round the block, avoiding the parks and pollen, to bring my weekly mileage to the highest for several months.   Not a huge amont compared to my past or for many but  a good start in my return and a base for my marathon training this autumn. 

    It felt good and my legs were feeling more like my own at last. Ready for next week. 

    Juneation day 7.  2.1 miles run. 

    Week 1. 18.2 miles run 15 miles cycled. 



    I should have got back to parkrun…

    I normally use Juneathon and Janathon to get back in the habit  of going to parkrun. I should have gone this morning, however I had a very important date with my pillow and duvet this morning after a week of early starts.   There is always next week. I’ll just not look at my facebook/twitter/strava updates so I don’t regret not  going myself. 

    I finally found motivation to get out and run today from it being nearly wine o’clock, plus me having committed to run every day this week.  

    I started well, assuming after a bad day yeaterday and eating well since that today would be much better. It wasn’t and by half way I was feeling dizzy and light headded and had to have a walk break. 

    I plodded on and got home ok to refuel and wonder if my symptoms of dizzy head was due to hayfever or because my legs felt like jelly again I has still not eating right.  I’m learning. 

    Juneathon day 6, run steak continued 3.4 miles. 



    That was me at BMF today. I would start from the front (luck and position) and end a run at the back. 

    I kind of expected it after carrying two cups of tea up the stairs this morning (one way to wake sons) and finding myself jelly legged and breathless. Oh dear, BMF would be a challenge. 

    And it was. It was hot and humid making it hard work all round but I was running on empty.  I’ve been trying and succeeding to lose weight recently  (more in another blog soon) and some days I get my fuelling for exercise totally  wrong. Today was one of those days and I was jelly legged and dizzy. I must have underestimated the effect  of my extra Juneathon activities even though I have been keeping things easy and short.   

    Anyway my mini run streak has still continued for Juneathon day 5, even though I was unable to press start on my Garmin!  We did run plenty (I felt every blooming step)  plus I  Cycled   5 miles getting there and back.      



    My rather brief blog posts are because I’ve got the attention span of a gnat at the moment. (Apologies to gnats). This is entiiry due to the fact that both sons are in the middle of exams. (GCSEs and A levels) which is not too much of a problem in itself but it means that apart from going off to sit a paper for an hour or two a few days a week they are at home.  

    Yes, both sons home. Home full time.  Home for lunch. Home for cups of tea. Home for ‘Mum, is there any food?’ Home for ‘revision’ (if that really can be achieved while simultaneously  being on skype with your mates, watching a film on the other pc screen and playing guitar).  

    So it’s not supprising that I’m finding it a little hard to get on with my own work, chores, to-do list and stuff.  I just clear the decks and load all the mugs and plates into the dishwasher and settle down to start when another distraction comes along. Grrrr!

    There is a silver lining. I might be behind on things and my blog posts written in a rush but my running is benefitting.  I may not have the  ‘head space’ to work effectively but escaping out the door for a bit of time on my own to run has become something I look forward to and enjoy!  

    Juneathon day 4, my ‘get back to running’ mini run-streak continues. 

    3 mile, easy morning run around the block. 


    Half-baked plan 1. 

    To run. A mini run streak. And to make sure I don’t over commit and end up quitting or going back to my ‘token planks’ on non BMF days, plan 1 (at the moment) is just to run everyday this week. 

    So this morning I got up and (eventually) went for a morning run. An hour later than planned but still early for me. Just 2 miles round the block for Juneathon day 2 as a start of building my mileage back up. 


    1st June. 

    Oh help, it’s #Juneathon again!

    Fortunately it’s Monday so I’ve been to  BMF (by bicycle) so that’s the exercise bit taken care of.  Just the blogging bit to do before I fall asleep.

    The past few Juneathons and Janathons I’ve been a bit naughty, I’ve exercised but not really much more than I normally do with lots of ‘token planks’ and sets of push ups or squats on other days.

    I’ve rabbited on a lot  about getting back into running more, finding my mojo, forming  new habits and so on, but nothing has lasted so far.

    This June I don’t promise to run every day and clock up a competitive mileage like my early Juneathon  and Janathons but I do have some half baked plans in the back of my mind to shake myself up a bit.

    Lets see what happens.

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    Juneathon days 24 and 25

    Were both about BMF classes.

    One was at Ravenscourt Park, one at Hyde Park.

    One involved logs (the tree type) and bench (box) jumps and the other involved lots of sets (that’s a lot of many) of squats.

    I’ve decided I like box jumps but my legs and glutes have decided they are not so keen on squats in large numbers, as I discovered a day or two afterwards.  But that’s another story.

    Juneathon day 24, 1  hour BMF class (3 miles run),

    Juneathon day 25, 1 hour BMF class (3 miles run) plus 5 miles cycling.


    I ran again!

    Go me! I’ve been for a run, again. Yes, second in three days. I might just be getting back into running!

    A few weeks ago Sweatshop opened a new store not far from me. Eek lock up my credit cards! They hold weekly running groups, Sweatshop Running community SRC and being less than a mile away I really have no excuse not to join in. I meant to go when they first opened but then got stuck into BMF and didn’t want to miss a Monday there.

    But this morning I couldn’t make BMF and with one son away and the other out (no distractions) I grabbed the opportunity to get to SRC. I rocked up to the shop where I got my record card which gives rewards for weeks attended then 5 of us headed out with a member of staff towards hyde park. I expected a 5K loop but was delighted that they now run 7 or 8 km on Mondays because I need to start building my endurance after a long break.

    Although we ran a loop I know very well, running in a group and having a bit of a chat makes all the difference. Not only to motivation and enjoyment but in holding a decent pace alongside the others. Definitely good for my running as my red faced melted look proved by the end (it was very warm and muggy tonight!)

    Juneathon day 23.
    5.5 miles run (4.88 miles with the group). I did run there as well but it took the whole way there for my Garmin to get a signal.

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    Adventure to parkrun

    I decided to have a bit of a cycle mini adventure on Saturday.

    I’d arranged to meet Alma and Giselle at Wimbledon parkrun for a catch up and when working out the route noticed that cycling the 6 – 7 miles there would only be 10 mins slower than driving. It’s on reasonably familiar territory so I decided I could get a longer ride in on Saturday knowing that I wouldn’t be able to cycle on Sunday.

    It also gave me the chance to venture further afield than my regular bike routes and take a longer ride on my own which required a bit of navigating. The Citymapper app said the quiet route would take me 44 minutes. I got there in 47 but that included at least 3 complete stops to consult the map closely to find the right roads and a detour back to the road when I realised the Thames Path in Barnes was not suitable for road bike tyres.

    It was such a beautiful warm sunny morning to be out on my bike so I didn’t regret getting up early. Wimbledon parkrun benefits from shade under the trees on the common but it was still a warm one. It’s a big parkrun,  the largest parkrun I’ve been to, I’ve certainly never finished in 189th place before! We started from the back so, having not done lots of running recently, I could start slowly and judge how I felt as I went along. It also gave me time to get used to watching my feet as it’s bumpy under the trees with roots, holes and ruts from all the mud on wetter days.

    I gradually picked up the pace as the pack of runners thinned out and ran on feel trying to hold a ‘just slower than breathless’ pace and for a first parkrun in 6 months was pleased to finish in about the average time for all my parkruns. I also had nice negative splits!

    Wimbledon parkrun is near an excellent café where we sat in the sun with coffee and cake for a catch up. It felt good to be back at parkrun and interesting to run a new venue. I think what makes it worth getting up and out early for (and the only way to get me out of my bed and to parkrun!) is a meet up with friends (and cake) so I am going to do it more often.

    Cycling home took a little longer. I detoured off route a bit and followed my nose in the general direction of home. At one point I found myself approaching a busy junction I know but in the wrong place for my turn so I got off and walked to cross the tricky bits. I did end up going along roads I’d tried to avoid on the Thames Path earlier but it was absolutely fine, apart from crossing Hammersmith Bridge, which was horrid.

    Juneathon day 21.
    First parkrun for 6 months (3.1 miles run) and 14 miles cycled.



    My new sandals have passed the holiday test. I have just walked 2 miles home and got no blisters, rubs or hot spots. In fact they felt so good I really felt like running (it was part of one of my regular running loops) and would have done if it hadn’t been for my handbag, lack of sports bra and a belly full of pasta and wine.

    Today I also went to BMF again where we ran and ran and ran. I cycled there in a bit of a hurry because I was late again. Now I am completely cream crackered so don’t expect much from me tomorrow!

    Juneathon day (what day is it?)
    BMF class, we ran lots (over 4 miles) plus 5 and a bit miles cycled and a fast 2 mile walk home tonight.

    Night all. Zzzz