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Last week I was a Juneathon slacker. I only exercised on two days, going to BMF by bicycle on Wednesday and Friday. I also failed to blog. This week I promised on twitter I would slack no more and run or cycle everyday.  

I have still been slacking on the blogging front but am doing a little better with exercise. On Monday I cycled  to BMF and on Tuesday I got myself out  the door for a 3.7 mile evening run. I was going to do the same this evening but after an afternoon out shopping to get my son suited and booted for his sixth form leavers ball I changed mind. The shopping was successful but my legs ached and because I have a busy weekend of exercise planned I decided to rest and save my legs  until tomorrow morning. 

Wednesday’s exercise will therefore have to be the few miles of walking I did around the shops, a foam rolling session and a few squats/press ups and a plank or two to relieve my guilty conscience. 




#Juneathon days 15 and 16 I have had to take a Sabbatical.   

My eldest’s A’levels have reached the final peak week and for the first time in his academic life he’s a bit stressed. I’m anxious for him too.  An exam didn’t go well on Monday and he’s feeling he’s cocked up all his A’levels and should have done more work earlier. 

Mothers are not allowed to say ‘I told you so’. 

Instead I am available. At home. Helping him stay positive for the last 2 exams at the end of this week. Encouraging at half hour intervals and listening to  him to talk out answers for potential questions.   

Running has had to take a back seat even though it  might do me good, but wine works well.   I do have a much tider and cleaner house. (#juneathon activity?  I’ve not sat still!)

But I have a plan.

Yes, we’re back there again.  I will make it to BMF tomorrow for a bit of therapy from my fab friends which will put me straight. Then hopefully after a two day rest  I can carry on a second two week run streak to the end of the month.  


Juneathon day 14. 

Two week runstreak done ✔️


My running mojo has sufficiently returned to allow me to get out the door and run on a Sunday before noon when I’m not “racing”. 

Today I kept an open mind and just plodded out the door. It got easier and  more enjoyable as I went. I took my phone and meant to stop and take lots of photos but only remembered once when I took the one above in Kensington Gardens. 

It was a multi tasking run because I did remember to go home via Holland Park and stop to pick up more recycling bags at the park office. 

We’ve used more than we get delivered, probably because of all the revision notes the boys have been binning. Or maybe is it all the empty wine bottles and beer cans their parents are emptying?

Juneathon day 14.   6 miles run. 

Week 2.   23.1 miles run 10.4 cycked. 

June totals.   41.3 run.  25.5 cycled. 


Juneathon day 13

A busy day where we took the kitchen apart and emptied cupboards to access the washing machine pipes to find and clear the blockage and get it  working  again. The morale of this story, buy and use the damn de-scalers/water softeners like those from that anoying advert. (Other brands are available)

So to keep up my run streak day 13 was a quick 2 miler round a smaller block. I promised to take some photographs to make my blog more interesting but only remembered half way down the road to take my phone with me. 

Instead here are pictires of our garden steps up from the basement, swept by my  Son trying to earn some  cash, and our Saturday night cooker. Plus the first bud from my lovely climbing  rose  after recovering from being cut to the floor when next door rebuilt the wall.  


Juneathon day 13 

2.1 miles run. 



Juneathon day 11. 

Day 11 did happen it’s just the blog thats’s late and it’s all my washing machines fault. 

It was a gorgeous morning and my head felt like a morning run after giving my son a lift to his exam first thing. My legs however were feeling a wee bit stiff and my ab muscles were sore after BMF because I can finally do sit ups again after a sore rib last month. 

So I left it until later and  went out for an early evening loop around  (or should I say a square) my usual block.  I wasn’t  planning on any pace or effort, just to run on a warm evening and enjoy it.

I ended up running a nice progression run and have to thank the girl I overtook on High Street Kensington for pacing me for the start of my third mile. Having nipped past her at a crossing I felt it was only polite to keep up pace in front of her and she in rerurn stayed right behind me!  I turned off and finally lost her (phew) but by then was in a rythmn so continuted a good pace home. 

I got home to wash all three sets of running kit when the worst Juneathon disaster ever happened. My washing machine decided it had had enough mid cycle.  So I spent the rest of the evening trying to clear the filters, drain it (and retrieve my kit) and persuade the machine to work again before giving up and hand washing something to wear to BMF on Friday. 

Juneathon day 11 3.4 miles run. 

1 bust washing machine with 19 days still to go, time to lower standards and re wear kit. Eeww!  


Juneathon 10/30 BMF 

 My run streak continued for a 10th day at BMF today.  

A fairly standard class with maybe a few too many Bastardos (an embelished form of burpee) and chest to floors. In fact there was all together far too much lying down and getting up again for my liking. I find it all too much like hard work. I’d rather be pointed at a tree and told to run to it and back, repeatedly.  Must be something about getting old and being in need of a crutch or zimmer frame to get up off the floor. 

We can be a roudy bunch in our class and give the instructors a fairly hard time with plenty of banter. Too much exercise of our Jaw muscles as we’re often told.   

Today we were fairly good, hard working and managed to listen and get on with the class. Until at one point we were mercifully saved in the middle of a rather tough set bastardos and bear crawling,  by someone finding broken glass in the grass. Phew. We were all delighted to lap the deck chairs instead. 

We also made our instructor’s day towards the end by managing to run in file on the left,  peeling off two at a time, on the right, to sprint to the front in turn exactly as instructed. He was delighted as it was  the first time he managed to get a Hyde Park 9.30 group to all get something right at the same time, the first time!

 Now he thinks he’s finally got us “sorted”  we didn’t like to tell him the next class is on Friday.  Fridays are often interesting.

Juneathon day 10. 

BMF class with a million Bastardos. 

2.3 miles run. 5 miles cycled. 

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Feeling good. 

That’s the power of a good run and the benefit of a run streak. The more you run the fitter you get so runs feel easier, get a bit faster and your Strava stats make you feel good!  Progress. Thanks Juneathon.  

Today’s Juneathon was another 3 mile evening run.  I ran the same square loop around the block except for going anti clock wise for a little variety. Anti clockwise must suit me better, (well it does save any  gradient for over half way) as I was surprised  looking at my garmin that I was very comfortable keeping up an average pace around 9 minites per mile after struggling last week.  

Happy to see a bit of my old form returning. It might have been due to either me trying to keep warm in the cold wind tonight (nearly went out in a jacket and hat, it felt that cold)  or maybe just my desire to hurry home to a the cold glass of wine I promised myself!

Juneathon day 9. 3.2 miles run.