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Another parkrun fix

I’m sure it must have been Abradypus who first put the idea into my head that if you spend Friday night within 30 mins travelling distance (probably more like 60 for her these days) from a parkrun you’ve not run, it is quite rude not to make it there the next morning.  So I checked with our family we were staying with who confirmed that Braunstone pakrun was in fact about 30 mins drive away.

I made it there this morning with 2 mins to spare, perfect timing for a cold drizzly day as I ran from the car to catch the end of the welcome and announcements. No getting cold or give away tell-tale sign of being a tourist or first timer by turning up 20 minutes early for me! Turns out my hubby doesn’t know Leicester quite as well as he claims, or they’ve added a few dual carriage ways and cinema complexes since he were a lad.

Anyway it was a very well attended parkrun over 2 laps of a not too unattractive urban park. A bit busy at the start, but just enough to temper idiots (who me?) who go off too fast and then die round the first corner and then take the next 2 miles recovering. But it soon spread out and I had a good run and managed to knock a few more seconds off my average pace. Not flat but nothing too bad for the first 3 miles until the finish straight up a hill for the final 0.1 of a mile! Sprint finish effort at snail pace. Thank god it was only 0.1.

Janathon day 3, parkrun number 27, 14th venue.


Getting out of Bed

Getting out of bed at an early hour is not something I find easy.  I have to during the week, (actually if my Sons were better at getting up I strictly wouldn’t have to, but that’s another story),  so getting up and out ready to run on a Saturday by 9am doesn’t happen very often!  This is a bit of a problem because I really like parkrun.

Recently I’ve been more of an armchair parkrunner, following   abradypus‘s parkrun travels and reading my twitter timeline on a Saturday morning.  However the run reports from my local parkrun and twitter tales of PBs  have worked their magic and made me feel guilty and that I’m missing out by not dragging myself out of bed and getting to parkrun.

Along comes ‘Spring’ and I tell myself it’s about time I stopped doing parkrun vicariously and get myself down to Wormwood Scrubs.  When I noticed that Juneathon (jog,log and blog. Everyday) happened to start on a Saturday this year I definitely got the message! (I do also have to declare another pressing reason for my being up and dressed before 8.30am in the form of our efficient local traffic wardens because I failed to get my parking permit renewed)

I was rewarded for my efforts.  I ran the first mile close enough to my target pace, the second slower, because of (probably too much information), digestive issues (need to get up even earlier if I want to eat before parkrun) but I managed to speed up again for the last mile.  I wasn’t watching my Garmin too closely so was surprised at the end to see I’d got a new PB for Wormwood Scrubs. (I will have to go back next week and deal with a few pesky seconds.)

Later on I read the race report and discovered  I’d definitely chosen the right day to  return to parkrun because I was second female home (after a youngster of course) and first in my age group!

Juneathon day 1.  3.05 miles run. 25.02 mins

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Free places for first time runners at Bupa Great Run events

If you are (or know someone who is) a new runner thinking of entering your first race then this is the opportunity you may have been waiting for. Bupa, sponsors of my favourite 10K, the London 10,000m, is offering free places to new runners at their 5K Great Run events…. See their press release below or find Details here.

Thousands of first time runners are being offered free race places by Bupa as part of its quest to inspire more people in the UK to be physically active. There are 2,000 free race places being offered across the Bupa Great Run 5km events. This includes the Bupa Great Edinburgh 5km (Sunday 14th July), the Bupa Great North 5km (Saturday 14th September) and the Bupa Great South 5km (Saturday 26th October).

The race places are being targeted specifically at first time runners of all abilities who have never previously taken part in a Bupa Great Run series event, to help prompt them to get and stay active. Regular runners are also being encouraged to sign-up friends and family members who have previously spoken about their desire to start running to inspire them to get started. Healthcare company Bupa, have supported nearly 2 million runners since 1993 when their Great Run series sponsorship began.

Paula Franklin, Bupa Medical Director said: “Running can have a very positive effect on both your physical and emotional health. We really want to encourage as many people as possible to try running, as lots of people experience great joy and reward from it. A 5km event can be a great place to start and has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There is no pressure to run and those who prefer can walk some or the entire race. Either way we believe that taking part will give you a general feeling of wellbeing. We hope that by providing free places for first time runners we will encourage more people to be active going forwards.”

Individuals can apply for a free race place by visiting www.bupa.co.uk/myfirstrun and submitting their personal details, with 2,000 winners being selected at random by Bupa.


VLM ballot

Well somebody is pleased to have a new fleece!

I entered the London Marathon ballot on a whim not expecting to get a place and being a little worried recently what I’d do if I actually did get a place!  Fortunately today I got the ‘Dear John’ response  and the commiseration fleece so no worries there.

I was actually disappointed for a few hours this afternoon, especially getting caught up in the hype and excitement on twitter when a few people heard earlier on that they had places.  I even researched other possible marathons in 2012 such as the new Milton Keynes Marathon.

However common sense has set in, having asked myself,  ‘Do you really want to run 26.2 miles next spring?’  Erm.. Not really!   I’m not even half marathon fit at the moment after injury!  All sorted.  I am going to concentrate on rebuilding my fitness and set myself a few goals to improve my 5K, 10K and HM times by running a few more of these races in 2012.

I always did say that I would run a marathon when I was very very old and therefore could have the excuse of stopping for a cuppa tea en route!


Wormwood Scrubs Parkrun

Juneathon Day 25.

Today I ran my first parkrun. I’ve been interested in running one for a while, especially after reading about Abradypus’s exploration of England via a different parkrun each weekend,  but I never did manage to get myself out of bed on a Saturday morning and down to Richmond or elsewhere in time for 9am.  Then I heard that parkrun had started on Isle of Wight so I could make plans to run that one in the summer holidays.  I was very excited when I found out recently that a parkrun had started up at Wormwood Scrubs, only  a couple of miles from home.  Abradypus was also keen to add another venue to her tally so we arranged to meet up to run the 3rd Wormwood Scrubs parkrun.

The 5K course was 2 laps of the scrubs, run mainly on grass, it was a bit uneven and long in places so we got wet feet!  The run was actually more interesting than I imagined (afer a couple of BMF sessions there)because of some slight ups and downs and the scrub bushes mean  you couldn’t see the whole course all the time and a bit of variety in the landscape kept things interesting. They were a fairly small and friendly group so I will definitely be going back for more.

Afterwards as we headed off for a nice cuppa tea, I just about managed to restrain myself from joining BMF who were just setting up for the Saturday Wormwood Scrubs class!

This evening I went out again for another brief run as my younger son decided to join his friend when he scooted home so I volunteered to accompany them and grab a few more miles in case I don’t have much time for running or it is too hot tomorrow.

Parkrun  3.09 miles  25.16 mins

Evening  2.11 miles in 22.15.