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Whats next?

Juneathon is over for another year so whats next?

Well,  first for the sake of my poor old little legs I’m having a couple of easier weeks (although this week I’ve taken it to extremes as I’ve been very busy and have only managed one BMF class!).  I’m away on holiday next week so will definitely be making use of the hotel treadmill for a couple of runs and trying to do lots of swimming to keep up my fitness because it all starts when I get back!

My marathon training for Rutland Water Marathon starts on 16th July and I’m taking part in the Addidas Thunder Run 24 at the end of July and the Isle of Wight Half Marathon mid August.

For TR24 we, (AlmaLouise, Carla, Chris, Linda, Lorraine, Jon and me) are Team “Fools Rushing” and aim to run 3 laps each of the 10K trail in the 24 hour period.  Current plans are for a few of us (including me) to run 2 laps together during the night and then another lap the next day.  My Longest day run was therefore very good training having run 12 miles one day and 8 the following morning.  It was also good for me that the 8 miles was quite hilly and partly off-road because the TR24 course is through fields and woods and apparently has a killer hill (I’m not looking at the course details too closely yet!).

For my marathon training I’m broadly following this plan from Bupa Running which is easy to follow, has appropriate length runs for me and fits well with my Autumn Half Marathons as build up races.  I need to adjust / add to it a bit at the start to get in a couple of longer runs between now and TR24 but at least I have a good mileage base of about 30 miles a week during Juneathon to build on.