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Short blog with a Lego treat!

Juneathon Day 26.

My day has been taken up with family stuff today. This afternoon I have been washing, packing and running around like a headless chicken trying to get both sons organised as they are going away (different trips) with school next week. I also had to spend the morning doing my termly door duty at the school swimming pool/sports hall which families can use weekend mornings. I did grab a quick dip myself so can count 10 lengths for juneathon (my first swim) plus I did many shuttle runs across the hard court to open the side gate and let people in.

250 metres swum

at least 10 shuttle runs.

Short Lego video from The Teenager (arabliz).

Darth Vader and the Table of Doom….

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Staying alive…

Juneathon Day 6.  I wasn’t too sad that I wouldn’t make BMF this morning given the  cold and rainy start! I was instead going to a ‘Cronies Coffee Morning’. (A once a month or so meet up with Mums from my sons year in primary school.  Cronies because the kids have long  since left primary School!).  I then had some work to get finished so planned to do my Juneathon effort later in the day.

I got a little distracted reading emails and twitter and volunteering to go and photograph last years Royal Parks Half Marathon race shirt for  Jogblog who wanted it for her blog and then finally got stuck into my work.  I also had to go to the shops (if anyone was getting fed tonight in my house) so decided to run to Tesco (half a mile) and walk home with the bags as my exercise.  I thought it would be good to ease off on the ankle for a day or so… Monday is obviously Tesco run day because travellinghopefully said she was running home from Tesco (not with the bags I hope) but her route is 3 miles and then jogblog said ‘its not good enough’ and even though she was just kidding (well that’s what she said). I felt a bit guilty because half a mile is hardly worth getting changed for. helsbels then asked if I felt surrounded by hardcore Juneathon people to which I answered Yes!  It was OK for Janathon whenI was a newbie -athoner and all bouncy and keen but now I’m back to my own lazy ways.

I ended up driving to Tesco, not because I couldn’t walk and be environmentally friendly but because by then it was 4pm and I had to be home when my sons got home from school to welcome them (interrogate the teenager about how his exams went today and the pre-teen over his exam results).

Anyway by 5 O’clock and realising that neither of them was going to say much more than ‘ugg’  and being assured that the teenager would do some revision ‘in a minute’, I went and got changed for my run.  I put on the lovely bright orange  RPHM race top that I’d photographed for jogblog and hadn’t worn for a while. It obviously gave me a new ‘zing’ because that and some Volterol on my Achilles got me bouncing out the door.  It was a good run.  I started in a completely different direction to break my monotonous routine and ended up running down roads I lived on as a student.  I was primarily focussed on deciding which way to turn as my route evolved and not on any aching parts of my lower limbs or being tired.

I also was listening to The Bee Gees which was very energizing and uplifting (literally).  I’m sure it had me strutting my stuff down the pavement  I certainly ran with my head up and shoulders back.  I do however promise that I did my upmost to keep my hips still (swagger free zone). I wouldn’t  like you to think I totally embarrassed myself!

Juneathon rule 4. Try going for a run when you don’t feel like it.  You might enjoy it!

3 miles.   28.03 mins