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A productive day.

Janathon Day 24.

In pre-Janathon times I used to use my to-do list as an excuse for not running.  Very handy when it was cold wet and miserable.  Over the past 3 weeks I have used running as an excuse for not doing my to-do-list! 

I was going to run this morning, but while waiting for my breakfast and coffee to go down I got distracted by my emails.  I found myself being surprisingly productive for the first time in a long while.   I postponed my run and miraculously managed to finish a few things that I’ve been meaning to get round to for ages.

By the time I did run, as usual I had not left myself much time.  Pre-Janathon I would have left it to another day, but it is Janathon and it had to be done and in 40 minutes.  I set off deciding to run for 20 mins and then turn round and make my way home.  I choose roads that I hadn’t run on before where possible which made a different and fresh loop.  It was school kick out time so some places were a little crowded which slowed the pace a bit.  It’s amazing how many people walk around carrying coffee cups so I had lots of dodging and swerving to avoid them.    I really enjoyed  it and felt I was flying today.  For all my worry about pains in my legs and injuries, Janathon has improved my running.  I am definitely fitter because I ran without feeling tiered or out of breath at any point.  Towards the end I was on a long straight stretch and found myself really going for it for half a mile just because I felt strong.  It was even better getting some good pace feedback of sub 7 min miles for a moment or two!

Mondays are always grumpy day in my house after school so to try to sweeten things up I made a batch of chocolate muffins in my new muffin cases. More productivity – I will have to take it easy tomorrow!  They Turned out OK and we all liked them.  Later, however,  I realised  I’d forgotten to add the sunflower oil.  Fat free chocolate muffins!  So I ate several more, after all they won’t keep!

4.52 miles   42.49 mins

Only a week to go Janathoners – we can do it!

Janathon Totals:

24/31 days run   88.36 miles.