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On the 4th day of Janathon

On the 4th day of Janathon Fairweatherrunner decided enough was enough. I HAVE to run. The first few weeks of my marathon training have gone so well but this week has been non existent.

So she got up early and put on her run kit. She laced up her trail shoes deciding that a rice muddy lung busting blast around Medina parkrun was just what she needed. But after 30 minutes drive she got there to find it was cancelled. Like the roads and the trails the park was under a few inches of water.

She threw her toys out the pram and is now packing to go back to the big smoke.



Great Plans…

If you want to read about me finally making it out to run on day 3 of Janathon you’d better go away now and come back tomorrow. I Wouldn’t want you to waste time reading any more of my ramblings and excuses if you’re not a hardened Janathoner or don’t want to.

I had every intention that I was going to run today. I got up and put on my running kit. I’m still in it. Things just didn’t go to plan. I was up by 8am moving the remainder of the furniture upstairs or to the garage. All ready by 9am for the carpet fitters to arrive and once sorted I could work out where to take myself off for a run. Fitters arrived at 12 after a phone call or two to find out we were not first call of the day as promised. The rain also arrived at midday with some wind and a generous helping of hail and at times a hint of sunshine before a rumble of thunder and flash of lightening.

I gave up. Saturday will have to be my Janathon running debut.

I did do a nice Janathon plank on my new carpet.



A Slow start

A better day weather wise but I still didn’t manage to run so a very slow start to Janathon for me this year.  I think my Janathon will get started properly this weekend when I’m back in London and  can hopefully catch up, just as some are maybe finding the early enthusiasm beginning to wane!  Even if it is a bit frustrating for my competitive streak not to feature on the totals table yet!

If truth be told I’m very frustrated, I ran over Christmas and I want to run now but I’ve lost my nerve on the roads round here and it’s a bit tricky fitting in an outing to run elsewhere at the moment.  I had the same problem in the summer, when I’m here my running stalls.  For a rural area the roads they are quite busy and carry coaches and vans and the local youth’s past time appears to be zooming around in a hot hatch seeing who can flip it on its roof first! (Kid you not…I read in the local paper that a rubbish lorry ended up on its roof last week!) and I find it quite disconcerting to run on undulating twisty roads with high hedges not knowing what’s coming at me at 40 mph round a blind corner!  I used to run here a lot, but over the past year have had a couple of close shaves which have left me a bit scared. I’m a city girl and I prefer pavements and street lights and the ability to run whether it’s light or dark and even when it’s pouring with rain!

But I’m not moaning in 2014.   We came down for New Year for a purpose, it’s not for too long and as long as I get some runs in Fri, Sat and Sunday I can meet the minimum I need to do for my marathon training.

So that brings me to today’s exercise…

I really liked this comment I got yesterday from jacksmumontherun

“Mooching must count as exercise – it’s a doing word. It must be it ends in ing ;-)”

and have embraced this approach for Janathon.

Today I did some eating,


That was a tough one…

and some shifting and lifting of books, stuff and half the furniture upstairs for tomorrow’s carpet fitting

and to work off at least one of those chips (which I couldn’t finish by the way) I took my sons out walking.  It wasn’t very far because a big black cloud came and rained on us and also because the village loop is only 0,70 miles anyway.  We did however add a little bit of sprinting (as much as boots would allow) to the next lamppost when the downpour started.



Abso-bloomin-lutely!  Although I might argue that this morning it was a good call staying in bed for self-preservation and not being a mere wimp.

Not a great start for day 1 of my 4th Janathon when for the first time I did not get up for a New Years Day morning run. I had set my alarm and when it went off at 8am all I could hear was the rain on the roof and the wind rattling the windows.  Isle of Wight Rural roads might be quiet enough on New Years morning to be safe for a road run but today it was dark all day and the wind was blowing the rain horizontally. My OH didn’t seem keen for any kind of cycle, I didn’t much fancy being blown across the road into a car and had plenty to get done today without adding a half hour car ride each way to somewhere more convenient to run,

Jo suggested, on twitter, a bed plank but by then I was already up.

I decided on a Dressing Gown dash to get some logs in.  I found a dressing gown but realised the logs were already inside.

I did paint some skirting boards, a door frame and a cupboard and wondered if that would count?

I climbed a ladder and repainted a bit of wall thinking that painting and climbing ladders at the same time was better.

I still felt guilty so did 10 press-ups and 10 squats and a plank.

Then I read some blogs (I promise to comment properly tomorrow and not just press ‘like”, it’s just that most of the time I only had one paint free finger) contemplated a bit and decided:  Sod guilty.  I’ll catch up with running, Janathon  and my training tomorrow, at the weekend, in due course, especially when I’m back in London.

So today I enjoyed mooching with my family in front of movies and getting this house fixed up and beautiful ready to sell so we can move on to our next adventure.


Isle of Wight – come on down the water’s everywhere!


Slippery Slope

It’s a slippery slope with Janathon or Juneathon. If you keep up running every day that’s fine, you can’t ruin the run streak. But once you’ve broken that, for whatever reason, it’s far too easy to do so again. Last week I missed a run, and ran only a token 300m on another day because of the snow, which made today’s wiping out all the more easy!

I was home by the afternoon so had a short opportunity to run in the daylight but I was hungry and cold so postponed it until after I picked up the boys. They were late requesting me pick them up and when running round my 2 mile loop (in the car) to get them after 6pm I noticed the sleet, the slippery wet pavements and the sudden acute pain in my calf muscles.

Janathon day 23. Home circuit. I found my hand weights and did lots of arm and shoulder exercises , some proper press ups (my son’s didn’t let me skive) plus 50 squats and 20 lunges.

Next up is a much-needed session on the foam roller and my calf muscles are about to get a going over with this one…



The Long(er) run

  • I got up planning to run my postponed long run
  • Yesterdays melting snow had frozen into ice
  • The weather forecast said it would be 2 degrees around noon
  • I hatched a plan
  • I got ready to run
  • I tried to settle to get some work done
  • I listened to the radio
  • At noon I was hungry, so had a snack
  • While I waited for that to settle I felt cold
  • I tried a few chores
  • I didn’t feel like running
  • I watched neighbours (while sending some emails)
  • I put my garmin on the windowsill to get a signal
  • I felt like staying home
  • I changed my running top
  • I charged my iPod
  • I found some gloves
  • I realised I was running out of time
  • Oh well, maybe not 10 miles, maybe time to dash off 6 miles
  • Outside
  • Pavements clear, good start
  • Holland Park icy compacted snow but fun
  • Kensington Gardens and on into Hyde Park, paths mostly clear
  • Beetlebum by Blur helped me pick up the pace
  • 4 miles in, feeling too good to head home
  • Loop of Serpentine, paths icy but trail shoes great on the grass
  • Tip toeing on some slushy bits to the beat of Michael Jackson
  • 8 miles done.
  • Felt great.

Janathon day 22.  8.28 miles.  Total Janathon mileage 90.5 miles.