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Whoop whoop!

At BMF yesterday I was delighted to find that I really can now run without limping and pain-free. What a wonderful feeling! I took it easy to start with (I was also a bit cautious about hurting myself again, not to mention my loss in stamina) but as the class went on and we continued to run I felt better and better. At one point the Instructor called for a race/sprint to try to catch him so I really put my foot down.

What a fabulous feeling to put on a burst of acceleration and sprint flat-out again – for me the best de-stressor there is. It felt so good that I was very happy to run again quickly afterwards and had to stop myself yelling out ‘whoop whoop yippee my new leg works!’

Exuberance over, I had a timely Physio appointment later to continue to ease my hip and glute muscles plus this time a few other poor bits of me by then feeling the strain from my earlier efforts.

Today I was very keen to run again and was beginning to think about what sort of long runs I could manage before the Royal Parks Half in 2 weeks. Fortunately my sensible side won over and I decided not to overdo it too soon. I went to the gym where I did an easy run on the treadmill doing Audiofuel pyramid 180 intervals (I jogged / ran the intervals rather than ran / sprinted them) for 20 minutes and then after a good stretch I continued on the bike for another 20 minutes to make sure my total calories burned were more than a glass of vino!


I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but..

For an outdoors running preferring, BMF addicted person I was fairly impressed (by a gym)!

Having recently rejoined the gym I was invited for the usual quick-start session with a member the gym staff to familiarise me with the equipment and give me a personal programme. I have to admit I was sceptical because the last time I went to such a session at another gym brand I was very unimpressed by the spotty youth who gave me the speeal and appeared to understand a lot less than I did about fitness and was also in need of the gym for a little fat burning even more than me!

However I’ve joined up at Virgin Active for a couple of months while I get my hip problems sorted (so I can swim in a clean pool) and went along yesterday to see what they could offer. I also thought it would be a good ice breaker for me and give me confidence in the gym using the machines I’ve not used in years since I used to go there when my kids were toddlers (anything to get an hours peace while they went in the crèche!).

I was asked my motivation for joining (help I’m getting fat!), fitness goals and weighed (oops) and measured (am 1cm shorter than I’ve been claiming for the last x years). Emma asked informed questions about my injury and physio and took on board my need for maintaining my cardio fitness without impact, suggesting cycling and cross trainer intervals and the use of TRX training for strength work (to support my running). She tested how long it took to me to cycle 1km, how many bench squats and press ups I could do in one minute so I had something to gauge progress against as well as body measurements.

I thought TRX was brilliant! Using straps suspended from the ceiling you do the standard strength exercises for upper body, core and legs (triceps and chest pulls, plank, squats lunges etc) pulling against your body weight for resistance. It gives an intense workout and I certainly felt the one leg squats and the lunges the next day even after plenty of rolling and massaging.

I left looking forward to getting back to the gym and started on my programme.

Today I had another Physio session. This time it was not symptom relief (to ease the painful tight bits) but in the gym to learn exercises to strengthen and correct my body alignment. It was interesting that some of the exercises I need to do are some I was given at the gym (one leg squats and lunges) but with an emphasis on keeping my feet knees and hips in line and my pelvis horizontal. Ouch ouch! I also got to use the torture table (I think those in the know would call it a Pilates table) for lots of core and hip exercises and simulating running while using the mirror to keep my core locked straight and not twisting and turning). (Usain Bolt is apparently a perfect example of running keeping core perfectly still – need to go watch him slow motion on U tube).

This evening although my glutes, inner and outer thighs are screaming from all the hard work I am feeling very positive that’s it’s all working really well and hopeful that I really can run the Royal Parks Half Marathon. Just as well because my race pack arrived today!


And.. when on my way out to the shops this afternoon I sprinted without thinking to catch the pedestrian crossing. And it DIDN’T HURT!!