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Not so boring socks

A few months ago I was sent a sample of incredisocks to try.

They are pretty good running socks, light-weight, fitted, wicking, below ankle just like the  kind I normally choose.  I ran in them a few times and then added them to my running kit and started to wear them with my others in rotation, probably once or twice a week.  I’ve meant to blog about them ever since but never quite got round to it and couldn’t think of anything to write other than they are good running socks, but as good as my other brands.

However, roll on a few months and I’ve got into the business end of my marathon training (long, long runs eek!) and I’ve run a few of those during the few hot days we got this summer and early autumn.  I started to realise that the only pair of socks not giving me blisters on long hot runs are the incredisocks.  I have also worked out that it’s not my running shoes that are too short (I’m already wearing a size and a half over my usual size) and giving me bruised big toe nails on long runs, but my other socks which had pulled on my toes.

So over the past 3 weeks I have only worn the incredisocks (in all 3 different pairs of my running shoes) and I now have happy pain-free feet!  I can also confirm that incredisocks’s claim to control odour is true because I’ve worn mine constantly for two weeks with only an airing between wears!  Eew!   There’s no way I’m going to risk spoiling anything now I’ve found the perfect sock and shoe combination for long runs and my marathon!

I just need to find a UK stockist because I’ve had to order more mail order from the US so that I can rotate them and manage to wash them occasionally…

…”Ideal for athletics, hiking, working and diabetics, Incredisocks is the must-have product this season. Unlike ordinary socks Incredisocks increase circulation – they have been shown to provide an increase quickly resulting in an improved blood flow allowing more oxygen to the tissues. This helps to reduce inflammation and give the skin tone a healthier colour.
Incredisocks offer extreme comfort with a 200 thread count and their thermo-regulating features provide the required increase/decrease in temperature in as little as 5 minutes. The unique 3-D weave design provides incredible cushioning and keeps your feet absolutely dry.
 As well as having a natural anti-microbial that kills the odour causing bacteria, Incredisocks are made from bamboo charcoal that helps with foot fatigueby releasing negative ions into your body, ensuring your feet never tire!”