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9:18 pace

If there was a prize for procrastination I would have won it today. I was up reasonably early (getting ready for back to school tomorrow) and could have run then, I could have run all morning, lunch time, afternoon…  But no.  I put it off and found other distractions and excuses all day.  Suddenly it was time to start thinking about cooking some food so it was then or never and once again for the 5th day running I was nipping out under cover of darkness to run the same local loop.  Just as well I decided another short easy run was on the cards for rib recovery.

Tomorrow I will break out of my rut.  Tomorrow I will run in daylight, I will run with music, I will definitely run somewhere different and I will, ribs willing, venture to run a bit more than 5K.

Anyway, rut or not,  My garmin clocked mile 3 at 9.18 pace which made me happy. All back to normal.  It’s my good steady run pace.  Most times I run, at some stage or other I will trot out a mile at 9.18.  I might be trying speed but if I slow up its 9.18.  If I’m trying to take it easy sometimes I get carried away and it’s 9.18.

Abradypus knows about my default run pace after talking pacing at parkrun last summer so wasn’t surprised when we were discussing potential Half Marathon paces this autumn and I suggested that if all else fails 9.18 pace!  If you think that sounds too precise look at my run history. Before I broke 2 hours for a Half Marathon so many were spookily close to 2.02!!

Janathon day 7, 3.19 miles.


Slow enough to be chugged

I really needed to run today but my side is still hurting from my injury incurred when taking part in the dangerous sport of sofa surfing on new years day.  This morning I was a bit sad, moving around like a granny and groaning every time I got up from a chair but every time I twist my torso or engage my core muscles it’s painful!

I hoped it would ease as the day went on but in the end took a couple of nurofen this afternoon because by then I really really wanted to run.  A few hours at home observing my teenage son ‘revising’ for his mock GCSE exams was frustrating enough and if I mentioned the word revision  I was accused of shouting and being a nag.  Then he does even less (if that’s humanly possible, but maybe the young are able to work in nanoseconds) and of course it’s all my fault.  Best to be out running.

So I decided to go for it at 5pm, feeling safe under the cover of darkness if it got ugly.  Just as well because it was slower than slow.  I could run as long as I kept my upper body still, kept to a straight line (not easy on busy shopping streets) and kept to an easy pace.  Actually it was slower than easy pace.  It was slow enough for a Chugger to try to stop me and ask me to help save the (whale, children, fazzled mothers, world) when I’m normally left alone because I might look like a proper runner!

Janathon day 4,  3.18 very slow and slightly painful miles, should have stopped after 1 but you have to get home.


Injury warning. Beware of Sofas.

This morning I was kidnapped by my bed and held hostage by my duvet for several hours which resulted in me having very little time for my run before we went out to the theatre this afternoon, so my plan for 6 miles became a quick nip out for 3 miles.  Although I definitely wasn’t nipping anywhere nor quick.

The reason I was so sluggish is because I’ve picked up an injury. Absolutely nothing to do with my ankles, feet, calves, quads, hips or glutes.  No this is not a running injury but a sofa injury incurred when stretching to pick up the tv remote control.  So if people offer advice about the perils of exercise and running when I mention I’m training for a marathon I will tell them that sitting on the sofa is equally hazardous.

I think I’ve over stretched, strained or pulled something on my left side, just on or below my ribs, when reaching down to grab the remote from the floor.  I felt it at the time but it wasn’t bad and I was OK on Tuesday even when running but quite uncomfortable today.  Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious and only bad today because I slept on it badly. My legs are all fine and raring to start marathon training next week!

Janathon day 3.  3.22 miles.