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I’m so glad I ‘only’ committed to go to BMF classes 5 days in a row and not something daft like the whole of Juneathon!

I woke up his morning with rather achy shoulders and upper arms.  Bits of my legs were feeling a bit sorry for themselves too.  Yesterday I was fine, as I  normally am after BMF, unless I’ve had a week off, it was a particularly hard class or if (more rarely) I really pushed myself. Going on alternate days appears to work, allowing my poor body to recover but two days in a row and I was feeling it.  But I said I’d go to 5 this week so I topped myself up with coffee, had a chunk of flapjack for good measure and wound myself up for some more.

Why was it that all the exercises this morning worked the already poor old achy bits?  If I do any more tricep dips or press ups I will be unable to lift a cup of tea by Friday!

However I survived, (even enjoyed it in the end). I didn’t get rained on, and cleverly managed to wear the correct gear for the weather. I even managed to set a couple of PBs over segments of my cycle commute! Anybody else getting addicted to Strava segments?


Day three. (Juneathon day 4).

Another 1 hour BMF class and 5 and a bit more miles cycling.

Variety (exercise and blogging) coming soon, promise.



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For someone who’s ‘not running’

I’ve done rather a lot of sprint intervals and best effort laps over the past few days!

This is a good thing because it’s giving me a taste for running fast again and has got me wondering if I’m getting back on form and should get out and test myself over a parkrun. Mojo is on it’s way back!

I was ‘wiser’ today after overheating yesterday. Today I left in shorts and vest! Thank goodness I didn’t ditch the waterproof because as I cycled down the road it started to rain. It rained all the way to BMF, through most of the class and all the way home. Oh well maybe I’ll get it right tomorrow.

I needn’t have worried about a new BMF location because out of the 9 of us who turned out in the rain for the third class at Ravenscourt Park I knew 4 others from Hyde Park. I also didn’t have to worry about the smaller park either. There weren’t big distances to cover but we explored the whole park which kept it interesting and we found plenty of room for sprints and circular paths for best effort laps. Plus all the usual press ups, dips, squats and lunges, of course

Day two. (Juneathon day 3)
1 hour BMF class (3 miles run) plus just under 5 miles cycling (multi-tasked with a shower on way home)


“If it’s not raining it’s not training”
(Photo from BMF Ravenscourt Park Facebook page)



Pontefract parkrun

On our journey up North last weekend we stopped overnight on Friday at Pontefract Travelodge which is less than 10 minutes by car from Pontefract parkrun. This was not a coincidence but the result of this comment on my blog…


I’d got back to parkrun in Juneathon and Abradypus had sown the seed so it had to be a full house. I started researching parkruns and travelodges close to the M1/A1 on our route north.

The nice thing about parkruns is once you’ve done a couple you get to know the routine and the same format everywhere is reassuring whatever venue you go to. Once I was there it was easy to follow the stream of runners to the start and the sight of the parkrun banners, the finish pen and fluorescent jackets of marshalls make you feel at ease and before you know it you’re standing in a huddle with other runners exchanging parkrun chat.

The course is at Pontefract racecourse. I learned that the term flat racing describes the lack of jumps and not a lack of gradient changes. However the ups and downs were gradual so it was far from hilly. The course starts with a lap of the boating lake before running a lap of the race course on a path (tarmac and hard trail) on the inside of the rail followed by a quick second lap of the lake in the other direction.

A good course which I liked. Even with 140 plus runners it wasn’t busy apart from the very start. It was interesting, green and attractive even though so close to the motorway. The out stretch round the race course was fast and gently down hill and the return stretch a little slower as the course gradually climbed up toward the lake. At least that was flat for a nice quick finish.

I had a great run, a new attractive venue did wonders for my Mojo. I now understand what motivates people to get to parkrun week after week and some people travelling all over to different venues. I think I could get to quite like parkrun tourism. Bug caught!


Juneathon day 29. 5th of 5 Juneathon parkruns.

3.13 miles in 24.19 mins, parkrun PB.


Pre run fuelling with egg custard tarts

Is not recommended. (Or maybe it was excess red wine from the night before?)

Warning… This blog post will probably contain ‘too much information’.

We were up in Northumberland this weekend for a party. At some point over countless glasses of champagne the conversation turned to running. Like why we stopped overnight on the drive up at Pontefract. To parkrun of course! (parkrun blog for Juneathon day 29 to follow, I’m behind due to lack of internet access in the far NE of England, and spending 7 hours of Sunday driving home again.)

I was asked what time I run 5K in and at some stage before the red wine started flowing I had ‘agreed’ to go for a Sunday morning run (my time must have been acceptable for me to be invited). I carried on and enjoyed the evening and plenty more red wine and dancing in stupid heels until after 1 am.

Next thing I know it’s 7.30am and OH has brought me a cup of tea and a large glass of water. He seemed rather too keen for me to make the 9am run. Next time he wants to engage the competitive nature of friends he can go and run with a hangover himself!!

Anyway, I said I would be there so I had to get up and go. I felt fine after plenty of fluids and looked around for something to eat for a little light fuel for my run. We were staying in a cottage in the hotel grounds and had bought food for the boys’ DVD night so I went in search of leftovers. In the absence of bread, malt loaf or bananas I hovered down an egg custard tart (pretty much all there was) with some more water and hoped for the best.

We were joined by another party guest and set off on a square loop on quiet country roads. Mr Competitive was true to type and set off expecting us to follow on. I hung back a little as I could hear the other guy was already breathing hard and for the first mile we ran three abreast with a little conversation. We turned onto a larger road where there was some traffic so started running in single file. At this point the pace increased and I kept the distance behind Mr Competitive consistent ony easing off for an uphill climb and a steep downhill.

After a couple of miles the other guy had dropped further behind me. I sympathised because I was also beginning to feel the effects of the wine. We were running along a straight road with fields either side and I started to get those tell-tale stomach pains and I hoped I was going to make it back to the Hotel. At what stage do you know a running companion well enough to say you’re going to nip over the hedge for a quick “Paula”?!

I toughed it out and continued at reasonable pace making it back to the hotel not too far behind Mr Competitive with my dignity intact and after brief post run pleasantries returned to our cottage and managed to get younger son out of the shower and only bathroom just in time.

Juneathon day 30. 3.18 miles.



Medina IOW parkrun at Gurnard

It was wet and windy when I looked out of the window first thing this morning. Did I fancy going to parkrun in horizontal rain? Would I rather go back to sleep? It is however Juneathon and as I’ve run 3 parkruns, 3 weeks in a row, it would be a shame not to make it 4 while I can.

So my long-suffering OH gave me a lift to the other side of the Isle of Wight where (fortunately it wasn’t raining) I got a warm welcome from a friendly bunch of parkrunners on a grey windy day.

It was my third run at medina IOW parkrun but a first run at one of their alternative courses. The parkrun was at Gurnard today (first used over the winter I think when everywhere else was too wet) because of the festival last week at their regular venue and because of Armed Forces Day today at their Appley Park alternative.

gurnard parkrun

This course is along the seafront from Gurnard to Cowes and back (plus a short double back at the start). It’s run on smooth pavement and is absolutely flat. A lovely fast course with PB potential. Today unfortunately it was very windy. I set a PB first mile as I literally flew the first half with the wind behind me. After the turnaround point at half way the course curved back into the wind and it became hard work.

I caught up with one of the regular U14 runners who was struggling running against the wind and she tucked in behind me to get respite from it for a short stretch. It was hard going but I found some motivation from having someone close behind me to keep working and trying not to slow down too much. We finished together and by this time the sun had come out and I was suddenly feeling pretty warm.

An IOW parkrun PB of 1 whole second for me today. A slightly slower overall time than last week at Wormwood Scrubs but because of slight differences in the distance run, today was a 5K pace PB for me at 7.55 minute/mile. Just got to work on running a whole parkrun as fast as my first mile today!

Juneathon day 22. 3.11 miles in 24.37 mins.

4th parkrun in 4 weeks. Getting the parkrun bug!

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Run club (again)

Run club. The session you sometimes dread and wonder if you are too tired to cope with, and maybe on a warm night after a busy day you should wimp out of. But it’s also the session that if you do push yourself to go to, and once there try to put in as much effort as you can muster, the reward is the most wonderful feeling of achievement!

I was a bit stressed when I got there. Another busy day and then the traffic on the way was horrendous. There were far too many idiots and selfish arrogant ‘what nots’ driving expensive cars or chauffeur limos, cutting in and thinking they own the road right in front of me. And I was needing to get to run club and be in the first 20 there because the park authorities have limited us to 20. Grrrr

I made it, and things got better when we saw who was running the session and even (maybe) better to hear it was intervals. (Yay! she lied.) We ran a mile and a bit warm up followed by a pyramid of pace efforts for 1.5 mins, 3 mins, 4.5 mins and 6 mins with 1.5 mins recoveries in between. Unfortunately we ran out of time on the way down and only managed the 4.5 min effort again before running back.

Worn out, de-stressed and with a smug smile from a good workout I will sleep well tonight!


Juneathon day 20. 5.75 miles in 48.48 mins


I needed that

I spent the day glued to my computer in the name of work only broken up by darting out to run one or two urgent errands and chauffeur a lazy teenager to his last GCSE exam. Thank goodness they’ve finished because he can stop pretending to work and I can stop stressing!

It was nearly 7pm when I finished the worse of it all and downed tools. My back ached, I was tired and cross-eyed and in need of a glass of wine. Do I have to run? I got my shorts on quick and pushed myself out the door for a quick 5K nip round the block.

It was very warm so I didn’t push myself. I wasn’t in the mood to be a molten mess gasping for air. I just tootled on, lost in my own thoughts and found myself extending my loop as I went because I was comfortable and it was so nice to be outside, free, away from it all and unwinding. Plenty of other runners came huffing and puffing past me looking all hot and sweaty. I left them to it and kept it easy. But maybe not so easy when that guy was trying to overtake me nor on the downhill stretch home. Wheeeeee!

One of the good ones. I really needed that run and felt so much better afterwards.

Juneathon day 19. 4.93 miles in 46.05



I had a great day today. It was fun and busy but it did not involve any running.

I managed a couple of hours work first thing then headed off to meet two friends for a very important day of dress, shoe and makeup shopping. It was successful and 2 dresses, 1 pair of heels, makeup and lunch were bought and I’ve got shoes and a dress in the right size reserved to pick up tomorrow!

When I got home my feet were aching so I postponed a run for an hour or so. This was scuppered by changing plans to collect son (yes same one as yesterday) from a school concert at 6pm, no 7pm, come at 6.30? Yes and wait until 7pm. (If he’d not had such a long day yesterday, nor brought nice chocolates, he’d have been on the bus!)

By the time I got home I was only fit for a glass (bottle) of rose. However having bought a strapless dress for my do in a few weeks decided it was time to work on my arms, chest and back. Time to tone those guns!

Juneathon day 18

5 sets of 10 press ups (proper ones) and i’ll go do a few more now on my way to bed.

At least 30 of every upper body TRX exercise I could think of until it burned.


Big plans

My son had to be at school by 5am today for a day trip to Belgium so I had big plans for an ‘Athon first for me, a pre 7am jog, log and blog.

But… Yes you’re right it would have been a miracle and yes, I never made it! I went back to sleep after he left with his Dad and only just managed to wake up in time for a cold cup of tea and a banana in the dash to BMF for 9.30.

Oh well, another time?

Meanwhile I’m blogging by phone in the car waiting for them to return hoping he spent his (my) money on chocolates.

Juneathon day 17. 1 sleepy hour at BMF, including about 2.5 miles running.


The long and the short of it

I’ve written about my dislike of long runs before. I often dread them, sometimes find them boring and regularly have a problem finding time to fit them in (I’m not a morning person). But they are a necessary evil if I want to improve my running at any distance. So whether it’s my laziness, impatience to get a run over or whatever I have to get over it and run some log runs.

I’m half way through Juneathon and my longest run so far is 10K and I’ve not run more than that since a half marathon in April. Time to get on with it I think! So full of mojo from a good run yesterday I got out of the door easily today. It also helped that sensibly I was only planning to run a ‘short long run’ too build up my mileage gradually and avoid injury. (I guess the definition of long run, short long run, long long run, etc, all depends on whether you are a sprinter or ultra runner.)

Juneathon day 16. 8.4 miles run, a good one. Yes I enjoyed it!