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Unofficial parkrun

When going to parkrun it is useful, as well as remembering your barcode, to check that the parkrun is on before you leave home!

Full of parkrun enthusiasm from running Conkers last week with Louise and Alma and thinking it would be a good way of getting today’s run done, I was up and out to parkrun this morning.  Unfortunately there was no one there and I soon found out by checking the web site (thank goodness for smart phones) that no-one was going to turn up either because the parkrun was staying at its alternative festival venue at the other side of the island for the summer while the ground recovers and grass re-grows.

Fortunately I wasn’t the only one in the wrong place so in the spirit of parkrun we decided to run it anyway because I knew the route.  A sociable trot round with Gary and his son Jack from Newcastle and Mike from Birmingham picking up a few marathon training tips along the way.


Medina (IOW) parkrun

Today was the 10th Isle of Wight parkrun and I’m really pleased I dragged myself out of bed, even after getting to the Island late last night, and went along.

What a lovely parkrun, very friendly and family orientated, with people of all abilities including some amazing young athletes (U14) running fantastic times, grandchildren running with grandparents and kids running out to accompany Mum or Dad over the final 400 metres. (Now I have to encourage my own offspring to come along even to run just one lap!)

I chatted to a few people and joined in with a brief warm up with them before the start. A two lap course on the site of the Isle of Wight Festival on grass and paths, mainly flat.

The plus side was that Hubbie volunteered to drive me which made things easy (thank you!) and he had time to fit in a trip to the newsagent, butchers at the farm shop and Majestic while I was running. We were even home before either son stirred from their pits!

I ran a PB and my first sub 25 too!

24.40 mins.

14 out of 44 runners, 3rd woman and first ‘old’ woman! (40-44).

Second parkrun and I think I’m hooked!