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Not a morning person

One of my aims this year was to try to get up earlier more often at weekends. Then I could run more parkruns, get my long runs done earlier and generally gain more of the day for getting things done.

However this weekend (and last) hasn’t been a great start. After my long saturday lie in yesterday I hoped to do better today. Unfortunately I stayed up late to watch The 51st State with the boys until 1am last night and therefore wasn’t up any earlier today. I seem to morphing into my teenage sons time zone spending daylight hours asleep and being awake all night. Help!

Out of all my 13 Janathon runs only 3 have been before midday with the earliest at 10.17am. So I still have a bit of a way to go to become a morning runner. In the meantime I seem to be enjoying my runs at dusk.

Will try harder next weekend….

Janathon day 13. Ran 4.75 miles at 16.09.

Janathon total… 58 miles.