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A little sun at last

Juneathon day 19.

A taste of summer today!  Well it was warmer, dry and sunny.  I was a bit worried while I was out shopping with my mother this morning, who was in London overnight , that I was leaving my run until this afternoon and the hottest part of the day.

I need not have worried because it had cooled a little by the time I set out this afternoon.  A lovely day to give my new running sunglasses from Polaroid a good road test.  I’ve waited all Juneathon for a great sunny day to test them properly and guessed that today might be as good as it gets!  Although I’ve worn them on and off since I got them at the end of May (as has my son) and have to report that I was very grateful for them during the very hot and sunny Bupa London 10K!

I’m very pleased with my new sunglasses, they are light weight, look good and don’t fog up (even after I’ve pushed them up onto my head for a while when its cloudy).  They give me very clear vision over my contact lenses, clearer than my old sunglasses.  I’m not sure if this is because they are polarised?  I’m sure the technical of you will explain.  Or maybe I should ask one of my ‘know it all’ sons!  Talking of whom the younger one, who likes wearing sunglasses, is very keen on these too!  Fortunately the nice people at Polaroid had the good sense to put some small touches of pink on  the black frames of their women’s glasses so they are (hopefully) safely mine.


I had to adjust my normal 10K loop to take into account all the blocked off bits for the building of stands for the olympics, otherwise a regular loop of Holland Park, Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park to make the most of the nice day. I spent some of my run working out the maths for an exact mileage to bring me to a suitably rounded number and round-up my Juneathon total at the same time and therefore keep my fellow Juneathoners (who like tidy round numbers) happy.

Near home I glanced at my garmin, while pausing to cross the road, and was sure that I was exactly at one of the required totals.  But I couldn’t stop it then.. (and walk home? or even worse run when it’s not counted?!!) so I carried on to my front door regardless.

Long live non rounded mileage!  I run my loop and STOP at my front door!

6.46 miles

Juneathon running totals…  79.29 miles



Juneathon day 4

A typical bank holiday, chilling out, catching up with twitter and a few Juneathon blogs. I then had a look at the running free online table of doom (Juneathon total) and noticed that some fellow Juneathoners have put in some impressive mileage over the weekend.  Time to up my game I thought. Tomorrow’s weather forecast also pointed to the fact that today might be the better day for a long run.

So a quick decision and Ed and I drove up to the cycle path with his bike where I could get in some decent traffic free miles. It started well with Ed keeping me at a decent pace, a lovely late afternoon run along the disused railway line with not too many other people around.  However after 2 miles I got stomach cramps and, to keep it brief, had to make a couple of unplanned pit stops. Just as well its June so there was lots of undergrowth to hide behind in my fluorescent pink top!

Anyway, too much information and all that.  It turned out to be a bad, stop-start, cut short run and I’m not eating quinoa for lunch before a run ever again if at all!

@arabilz made another version of todays Lego but it wasn’t publishable!

Ed modelling my cool new sunglasses sent to me (yes Ed, they are MINE!) for Juneathon from Polaroid which I will review properly in a blog soon.

5.37 miles

Juneathon running total…  16.98 miles