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Death by Burpees

And recovery by Latte!


I don’t know why I felt that BMF would be a good recovery session after yesterday’s long run. But Monday BMF (and coffee afterwards) is a habit, which I like.

I woke up and my legs felt fine, (I think keeping moving yesterday afternoon and eating straight after the run helped.)  Anyway, I put on my compression tights, as a precaution, and got on my bike. Cycling was fine too, legs didn’t complain and I’m finding I’m doing the journey in a quicker time. (Might be more to do with taking a direct route and not getting off to walk across parks to avoid busy roads than increased speed!)

BMF however was the real test. Legs were knackered! High knees, squats, lunges, lots of stopping and starting and changing direction and bending down. Oh help! Ouch. My pace became a shuffle. An Instructor pointed out that I was wearing a red bib and there were blues in front of me! Couldn’t do anything about it, poor little legs were moving as fast as they could, other than offering to swap bibs!

I improved as the class went on and I warmed up but although I could move better I still felt rather lacking in energy.

The bit that finally finished me off was the Burpees. While my partner did 10,  I held the plank then we swapped and continued doing so until the Blues had reduced their number of burpees to zero. The first 10 pulled at my  hamstrings , after 20 I was struggling to hold the plank for the rest phase and after 30 I found lying face down, flat in the mud the preferable position!

A post class Latte and catch up restored me enough to enjoy the cycle home where, after eating half the fridge, I felt like sleeping for a week (at least).

Janathon day 13.

1 hour BMF class (3 miles running)  plus about 5 miles cycling.


Recovery run

I do like doing my long runs on Saturdays because it leaves me free to chill out, relax and enjoy a few glasses of wine on a Saturday evening and look forward to a lazy Sunday with no long run hanging over me.  So after yesterday’s long run I did chill out, have a good supper and enjoy watching a movie with a bottle of red!

After 14 miles yesterday I expected to have very achy legs today but  they were fine,  (I’ve had far worse problems walking down the stairs after a tough BMF class than I did today) but I did have  a thick head!  Normally I’d have a rest day after a long run but, “This is Janathon!” No rest allowed! I finally got going towards lunch time and decided to go for a short recovery run.  But what is my self-imposed minimum distance for Janathon?  I’ve logged 2.5 miles running for BMF classes and my shortest run distance so far this month has been 2.5 miles – so that’s what it had to be today.

I set off on my 2 mile local loop (which I ran a lot of in Juneathon) taking last nights DVD (The Hangover, rather appropriately) to drop into the post box back to Lovefilm. For the first mile my head hurt but my legs felt absolutely fine.  For the second mile my head had cleared and my legs felt absolutely knackered!  Can’t win. I added the extra half mile by a nip into Tesco and got an extra arm and shoulder workout running the last half mile carrying a bag of potatoes, clotted cream and a loaf of bread.

By the time I got home my head and legs felt fine, so recovery run it really was! I attribute my happy legs to the fact that I’ve run most of the time in compression tights and wore my long pair after my run yesterday.

2.5 miles, (2.5kg of potatoes, clotted cream and a loaf of bread), 25.01 mins.

145 miles run  2 days to go.