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Home alone.

My offspring were finally back to school today. Yippee! 

So, it being my first day home alone for several weeks I sensibly knuckled down to some work after I had, [this next bit is for the benefit of my mother who reads my blog and harbours ‘deep concerns’ about my domestic abilities and endurance], tidied, de-cluttered, sorted and cleaned my house from top to bottom…. until it shone (and there was a place to swing a cat/sit down or even do my plankaday without getting Lego stuck in my toes!)

Nah…. I went for a run.

Well… I spent a short long while after dropping sons at the bus stop staring at the mess while I waited for my breakfast and 2 coffees to kick in and render me awake after the early start.  I then, for appearances sake, did a little light breakfast pot clearing, washing machine duty and internet surfing.  And then I got ready to go for a run.

Not long into my route to Hyde Park is a long hill which I usually get to the top of a little breathless (or completely whacked out if I try to run it listening to Footloose!).  Fortunately today I bumped into 2 people I knew on the way up so got to pause, “mwaw.. mwaw… Happy New year..bla bla bla” and catch my breath.  Just as well I washed my face and cleaned my teeth before I set out!

It was lovely to be out in Hyde Park plodding along with no time constraints listening to music. (My plod pace is whatever my legs do at the time and varies erratically with whatever I’m listening to).  I headed on to loop the Serpentine and watch them dismantling Winter Wonderland. It was very mild today and luckily I was suitably under-dressed and could watch with smug smile a runner ahead of me shedding jackets and scarves and trying to tie it all around her waist.

Home showered and fed I then found myself right out of excuses… But at least I was awake and raring to go.

6.22 miles in 60.38 mins.