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Sleepy at the Serpentine

Juneathon day 18.

I was more than a little bit sleepy at BMF this morning,  I must have not had enough caffeine or breakfast to fuel me up today.  So I trotted along at the back for the start of the class before waking up long enough for a few 100% sprint efforts and some decent paced laps of the bandstand before fading back into weakness (BMF instructors favourite description of us sometimes) barely able to lift my body during triceps dips towards the end of the class…

Oh well, we all have off days… Talking of which my Lego assistant is also tired today and having a day off…

After BMF a few of us went for a coffee at the Lido café where it was wonderful to see the family of Swans again and take some progress photos.  FitArtist  had photographed them at the weekend and I was relieved to see there are still 7 signets and was keen to get some updated photos myself.

Haven’t they grown!

1 hour BMF class, at least 3 miles running

Juneathon running total…  72.83 miles