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The Long(er) run

  • I got up planning to run my postponed long run
  • Yesterdays melting snow had frozen into ice
  • The weather forecast said it would be 2 degrees around noon
  • I hatched a plan
  • I got ready to run
  • I tried to settle to get some work done
  • I listened to the radio
  • At noon I was hungry, so had a snack
  • While I waited for that to settle I felt cold
  • I tried a few chores
  • I didn’t feel like running
  • I watched neighbours (while sending some emails)
  • I put my garmin on the windowsill to get a signal
  • I felt like staying home
  • I changed my running top
  • I charged my iPod
  • I found some gloves
  • I realised I was running out of time
  • Oh well, maybe not 10 miles, maybe time to dash off 6 miles
  • Outside
  • Pavements clear, good start
  • Holland Park icy compacted snow but fun
  • Kensington Gardens and on into Hyde Park, paths mostly clear
  • Beetlebum by Blur helped me pick up the pace
  • 4 miles in, feeling too good to head home
  • Loop of Serpentine, paths icy but trail shoes great on the grass
  • Tip toeing on some slushy bits to the beat of Michael Jackson
  • 8 miles done.
  • Felt great.

Janathon day 22.  8.28 miles.  Total Janathon mileage 90.5 miles.


Snow running

I had a great BMF class today in Hyde Park and realised that running in the snow can be fun.  Especially if it’s on fresh powdery snow over grass.  Although an hour, on and off, running up to my ankles in the stuff is hard work!

Janathon day 21, 1 hour BMF class including 2.5 miles running, more squats, far too many star jumps, several minutes of plank (can’t do sit ups either at the moment… shame), several snow balls thrown and a winning team tallest snowman!


More snow excuses

More snowy excuses today.

It was snowing when I got up and it continued all day. I convinced myself that a run on the roads and pavements wasn’t possible so decided on a snowy walk to the park where I could for Janathon’s sake run a lap of the sports pitch. I even manged to drag my sons away from the Xbox to join me so they made it out the house today.

Yes, in hind sight I probably could have managed a run as pavements on the main routes were OK and it was fine running on the snow on the sports pitch. I did feel like running more laps after my first but having dragged the boys out they were getting cold standing still (too many memories of enforced laps of that field with school!) so I used them as an excuse not to carry on.


Feeling guilty about my lack of running due to the snow over the past few days I consoled myself that I’m not too far off my marathon plan for week 1…


marathon plan week 1

Janathon day 20, 2.5 mile walk including a 0.33 mile run around a field.



Snow excuse

Today for the first time during Janathon or Juneathon I haven’t run. London was snow free for an hour after driving my sons (pampered, yes) to school but my leg and glute muscles were not warm, loosened nor awake and sense told me to stick to my plans not to run early or go to BMF to avoid innjury, even if it meant missing today’s opportunity.

Instead I walked to the shops, twice (2 miles exactly, half of which carrying shopping.)

As the pavements will be too icy to run on tomorrow, I seriously toyed with the idea of going to parkrun which is on soft grass so less slippy to get a run in. Unfortunately my local one has now been cancelled so my return to parkrun will have to wait another week.

Janathon, Day 18: Two miles walked plus 20 press-ups. (Proper ones, yes toes not knees on the floor)