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Shock Absorber Ultimate Gym Bra

House of Fraser and Shock Absorber recently sent me the new Shock Absorber Ultimate Gym bra to try. Cathy (jogblog) was also sent one and we swapped notes in the pub recently. warriorwomen also reviewed it and we pretty much seem to agree, nice bra, but how do you get the damn thing on.


The good.

  • Its attractive, I’d wear it as an outer garment (if I was into exercising with so few clothes)
  • It gives a good shape when worn under a vest top
  • It holds everything firm with minimal bounce
  • It has adjustable straps (which are horizontal so hopefully won’t need superglue to keep them done up like I have to do with my Shock Absorber Run Bra)
  • Has a handy hook to keep headphone wires from sliding down your arm when you run.

The problem

  • Doing it up, (or getting into it already done up). The second clasp is in no-mans land half way up my back. I can’t do it up from above nor from below. If you do up the top clasp before you try to put in on a certain amount of contortion is necessary, either that or dislocating your shoulders. I have found it just about possible with the straps on their longest setting, but then I get less support. So it helps if you have extra long extendable arms, very mobile joints or someone around to help you get dressed into this one. I’ve discovered that doing up mothers bra is maybe a step too far for teenage boys!

Once on and done up it is a good, comfortable, very supportive sports bra. I prefer it to the Shock Absorber Run Bra but I don’t think it will replace the Shock Absorber Multisports┬ábra as my all round favourite ( I can get that on in seconds!) It comes up small, mine is snug compared to the multisports┬ábra. Jogblog agrees, so it’s not just me comparing it with a stretched worn out old bra or that I’ve put on a ton in weight!