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End of Janathon.

Janathon is over for another year, or until Juneathon anyway. January hasn’t been one of my best running months with a few minor injuries and a cold. However I’m treating the end of Janathon as a beginning not an end.  I’m using it as a starting point for the serious part of my marathon training, getting stronger and more flexible and losing a few pounds.

I might have missed a weeks training and a long run this week but am staying chilled. I still have 3 months to go before my marathon and did run 100 miles in January so I’m far from lost.  However my first training race, a Half Marathon in 2 weeks won’t be at record-breaking pace.

I’m also putting my self challenge down on paper, (or screen). My goal is to be 9 stone, or less, by the end of April and improve on my speed mile pace of about 7.40 min/mile.  (ran a few weeks ago with Louise and probably near enough to my current best effort mile to be a good starting point).

As I’ve still got a bit of pain in my Glutes when running I decided not to run before my 10k with Alma this weekend. So no delayed long run to crank up my Janathon mileage on the last day for me.

Instead I took myself off for a swim. Its been at least a year since I last swam (apart from on holiday) so it’s just as well I checked my kit bag because the costume in there was a wee bit small! I eventually found a more appropriate size but I’m sure that one has been shrunk in the wash too! My favourite goggles were also missing having been used and lost by my one of my sons at school (Note to self… next pair need to be much more pink) but I managed with a foggy pair of theirs.

Janathon day 31. 50 lengths, 1km swum. All breast stroke (really should be more confident and practice my front crawl) feeling good to be back in the water after so long.


Another month, another Physio and getting to the bottom of the problem!

Having paid my money I took myself to the gym on Monday for a swim, while working out how many times I had to go to make each swim the same price as the leisure centre. The gym hasn’t changed in the years since I left, except that our American Cousins have advanced in their take-over of West London because the ladies changing room is now labelled “Women’s Locker Room”.

There was only one other person in the pool and shock horror we actually had a brief conversation to joke about me swimming in her private pool! We were then joined by another swimmer but otherwise I had 45 minutes in my own lane. It was good to be back in the water and I challenged myself to swim a minimum of 30 lengths. My swimming lessons a few years ago appear to have been some value, I swam 50 lengths (1000m) mostly breast stroke but also managed 10 decent(ish) lengths of front crawl. Not bad after not swimming much since.

My arms and shoulders ached the next day! Maybe I should have quit at 30 lengths… all the same I went back on Tuesday and swam another 1km. This time I managed a little more front crawl. My main difficultly with front crawl is because I rush too much. However I’ve discovered that 10 lengths breast stroke before trying front crawl means I am sufficiently worn out to swim long slow and leisurely!

On Wednesday I couldn’t face anther day the gym on my own. So missing BMF and thinking my leg felt stronger I decided to give BMF a go. I joined the blues (beginners) for the first time in many years and was quite chilled to be almost at the back at a slow pace which was pain-free. I still put my all into the strength exercises and received a few raised eyebrows from newer blues because I could bang out 20 pretty good press ups without dropping to my knees (a girls gotta have some pride!). Despite my slow speed it still felt fantastic to be back, outside and with a great bunch of people and I realised how much I miss BMF when I can’t go.

The next day my leg/hip felt fine but the rest of me ached in true “not been to BMF in a few weeks style!” Yay!! However on Friday morning I was limping again with sharp pains in my hip and decided to stop putting off going to see a Physiotherapist.

I was impressed by the Physio. To cut a long story short, or to get straight to the bottom of the problem; my hips are not completely stabilised when I run because of weak hip, core and glute muscles and the excessive movement has caused stress on these muscles as well as my leg and ITB.

It was a relief to hear its nothing that can’t be sorted out and I was most optimistic that she suggested goals of me walking and running limp free, back to BMF regularly and being able to run HM distance in the near future. I will have more sessions (not too many I hope) to relieve and stretch out my hips and glutes and then in the gym to correct my various imbalances so I can run injury free in future.

Fingers crossed. Me participating in the Royal Parks Half Marathon looks possible, albeit with limited training. I’d better get on with my homework of stretches and foam rolling!


Short blog with a Lego treat!

Juneathon Day 26.

My day has been taken up with family stuff today. This afternoon I have been washing, packing and running around like a headless chicken trying to get both sons organised as they are going away (different trips) with school next week. I also had to spend the morning doing my termly door duty at the school swimming pool/sports hall which families can use weekend mornings. I did grab a quick dip myself so can count 10 lengths for juneathon (my first swim) plus I did many shuttle runs across the hard court to open the side gate and let people in.

250 metres swum

at least 10 shuttle runs.

Short Lego video from The Teenager (arabliz).

Darth Vader and the Table of Doom….

click here for link to video