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TevaSphere shoe review


A couple of weeks ago I went to Hampstead Heath for the launch of a new running shoe from Teva, the TevaSphere.

An outdoor cross trainer/running shoe which has been ‘designed to meet the performance needs of the outdoor athlete. With a first-of-its-kind spherical heel and pod-arch system, the TevaSphere technology delivers a more natural point of impact, efficient transition and superior stability on varied terrain‘.

Teva want to offer a minimalist style shoe for runners which will not require them to change their stride and adopt a forefoot strike.

with TevaSphere we are delivering a technology-based solution that addresses the shortcomings of both minimalist and over-supportive athletic shoes.” Participation in non-traditional outdoor sports such as adventure racing, obstacle courses and mud runs is steadily on the rise. In an effort to meet the demands of this growing group of consumers’,

001I like that they aim to give a minimalist style shoe but with protection and support for both heel strikers and mid foot strikers. As a mid foot striker who heel strikes when tired, I have picked up a few injuries running long distances in minimalist shoes. The shoes’ distinctive ‘pods’ at the mid foot act as guard rails giving support where needed making the shoe suitable for all types of runner guiding the foot into the neutral position.


Over the past few weeks I’ve run in them many times, on pavement and road, hard paths, grass, mud and snow during easy everyday runs, British Military Fitness classes and even a speed session. They fit well and are comfortable both with my orthotics and without. The women’s model has a narrow heel and a wide roomy toe box (I have wide feet) although maybe not as wide as some barefoot shoes which let your toes completely splay out.

They have a minimalist feel with a fairly low heel toe drop so felt natural running on the forefoot and quite fast. I’ve enjoyed a few sprints at BMF in them and a reasonably fast mile during speed work. I don’t like over squishy cushioned shoes and like that these are quite firm. They are maybe even a little too firm for my taste on tarmac and wouldn’t be my first choice of shoe for many miles of pavement pounding. I did however find them really good shoes for running in mud and great in the snow.

A lightweight, low profile, stable shoe for off-road which feels secure on uneven ground and gives reasonably good grip. Great for BMF classes with lots of stopping and starting, backwards and forwards and sideways moving on grass.

You can find more about Teva’s products here.



Hampstead Heath

I went on an outing to Hampstead Heath today.

I was very lucky to get an invitation to the launch of a new running shoe. From the press information it sounded like my kind of shoe plus the afternoon was going to include a bit of a trail run on Hampstead Heath. I’m rather partial to a bit of running shoe chat and enjoy trying new innovations and models and have always wanted to run on Hampstead Heath. Win Win!

Teva the outdoor footwear people (best known for their sport sandals and hiking boots) are launching a running shoe ,the Tevasphere, in the UK this March. We had presentations from Teva and from the independent sport science lab that helped develop the shoe. Then we put on a pair and went for a trail run on Hampstead Heath where we got up to our ankles in mud and ran up some hills. (I might be training a bit too much on the flat!)

I will post a full review with photos and all the information very soon when I’ve got the photos, had a couple more runs in them and put them through their paces at a British Military Fitness class. I also need to get them cleaned up for another photo. From first impressions I think I’m going to like them.


New Shoes

Janathon day 10.

2.79 mile trail run plus an extra 2.2mile dash around the block because I was feeling keen after a very good afternoon.