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Ventnor Park outdoor gym

The boys and I went to check out the new outdoor fitness park in Ventnor Park today after reading about its opening on Monday in VentnorBlog.  It was a good way of combining doing something interesting with the boys and fitting in a run before dusk.  Ed and I started with a jog to warm up however Adam (the Teenager) informed us that he had a mince-pie in his pocket which was his warm up!

The outdoor  fitness park is in the upper part of the park fairly high up on the cliff overlooking the sea (great views but rather windy) and near a long stretch of grass which was perfect for me to run back and forth on and clock up my minimum 2.5 mile run.  Its popular with dog walkers and I got yapped at my an aggressive Jack Russell, whose owner told me didn’t like runners (well I don’t much like yappy Jack Russells!) and a big chocolate Lab looked at me with a fantastic expression which pretty much summed up the lunacy that is Janathon which finds me running backwards and forwards in a park at 4pm in January.

2.55 miles in 24 mins plus cross training on the outdoor gym!