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Saved by the Llama

Viceathon (one mile run for each glass of wine in April) came to an end and I finished like most participants with debt (10 miles) carried over into May. However it was still a success!  I ran 67 miles in April, a period when I was feeling very unmotivated, distracted, busy and weary which is at least double what I might have run.  It also made me think about how much I drink when I had to own up to every glass of wine.  A useful exercise.

Now we come to the Llama.  Somehow or other during Viceathon and many conversations on Facebook it came about that salvation (and the erasing of all debts) could happen if we could report that we’d seen a Llama whilst out on a run!  So I was very glad to discover this fine Llama while running on the Isle of Wight at the weekend!

It’s just as well because I had begun to notice, and worry about, a recurrence of my hip/glute niggles towards the end of the month on a long run.  I have probably run a few too many ‘junk’ miles just for the sake of it (a glass of wine or two) and have neglected my exercises, stretches and sessions with my foam roller!

So my approach for the rest of my training for the Bupa London 10K in a couple of weeks is to train smarter.  Rather than bashing out the miles I’m now combining BMF classes (where there are plenty of opportunities for short sprints) with shorter more focussed runs with race pace intervals.  I will still do a longish run each week.  I’m using the 10K training plans from Bupa Running as a guide, using the structure of the intermediate one, running 4 days a week so I take 3 important rest days but am using the long run distances from the advanced plan because I am already running that sort of mileage.

I’ve found the regular injury Q &As on the Bupa Running Facebook page very interesting and a useful reminder of my need to stretch and do my exercises as well as getting some useful tips and alternative stretches from replies to questions.  Advice I have received is the importance of getting a Podiatrist gait assessment for my pronation issues, and not just self-treating with insoles from the internet. I’ve run 600 miles in the ‘temporary’ insoles I got last summer from the physio…oops! And all my niggles are coming back.

So please feel free to kick me if I don’t report that I’ve got that sorted out before Juneathon starts because otherwise running every day will mean there’s a high chance I will end up injured again and then spend the summer feeling sorry for myself and blogging about nothing but my woes and running injuries…Zzzz.

You have been warned!


The April Lull

The April Lull, AKA over-long Easter school holidays has struck again and I find myself hassled and finding it difficult to find time to run, blog or even read other blogs with the distraction of having under occupied teenagers under my feet while having to keep all the other balls in the air!

However, worry not, because this years lull has not been as bad as last year when I only ran 27 miles and didn’t even manage to blog once! So far I’ve plodded out 45 miles and this is my second blog! Yay! My saviour this year has been Viceathon which skillfully works with my built-in guilt to keep me running (even when it would be a lot easier not to bother to try to fit it in) and thinking twice every time I’m about to have a glass of wine.

I am typically living beyond my means having been in debt all Viceathon (blame the school holidays and visitors for leading me astray) and even after running 9 soggy miles this afternoon (thunderstorm cancelled the last mile) I am heading off for the weekend 8 glasses of wine/miles in debt! Might be some serious mileage going on next week!

Just as well because my next step is to catch up with the fact that it’s less than 6 weeks until the Bupa London 10,000m and knuckle down to some serious PB chasing training ….



For April I have a new challenge, Viceathon.

Thought up by Cathy (aka Jogblog, organiser of all things Janathon and Juneathon), or was it Shaun (Iliketocount), thinking it might be a way to get jogblog running?! Either way it’s a great idea, hopefully not as hard-core as Janathon or Juneathon but enough to get me motivated and running out the door again.

For Viceathon I have committed to running a mile for each glass of wine I drink. (Actually as my glasses are rather large I should probably make it more like a mile and a half or even two but judging from the debt I am already in on day one (after a weekend with visitors and no running) I think not! The miles don’t have to be run on the same day as the drinking, I just have to get to the end of the month with the number of glasses of wine ‘in’ equaling numbers of miles ‘out’ running!

(See Jogblog‘s blog for details if you’re interested! It doesn’t have to be wine (baked goods eating, soap opera watching and involuntary sighing have also been admitted to and other forms of exercise are possible.)

Viceathon will be a much-needed boost to my running motivation. I’ve been very busy with lots of other stuff over the past few weeks and felt in need of a bit of a break from running too. I even didn’t go and race a planned 10K this weekend because I couldn’t face it. My recent slacking has cut my mileage dramatically and last week I only went to 2 BMF classes (about 6 miles) but now its time to get going again.

Viceathon is phase 1 and phase 2 will be to start a good 10K training plan for the Bupa London 10,000 at the end of May.