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I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not very good at pacing. I might have learned not fall into the most obvious traps, like sprinting off at the start of a race, only to die round the first corner, but I realise that I don’t always judge my pace very accurately. I can ease off too much or push too hard for the distance, finding that there is not much leeway in my judgement between too fast and too slow! Maybe I am too reliant on my garmin or maybe I don’t use it properly, I don’t know.

I decided to try the virtual partner on my garmin and yesterday was keen to get out and run and give it a go. However life events took over. So today, determined to keep up my training for my half marathon I decided to make up the missed 4 miles by running to and home from BMF.

Today at BMF we did lots of leg drills, after a mad running warm up, so I guessed it was very good half marathon practice to try running at a set pace on worn out legs on the way home. (Not to mention feeling cold and decidedly wet and muddy). I wasn’t sure about the virtual trainer thingy. I need to run with it more and get more used to it. At least I’ve worked out which stick man is me (the one behind) and am working out what the small print stats below show (when I can manage to read it on the go!) The main problem with trying to keep up with the damn thing when running in town is that I have to pause, slow down and stop to cross roads safely and dodge pedestrians while Mr Virtual Partner gets away!

Hopefully my plans to run more races in 2012 will help me improve my times by more pacing experience in addition to regular training mileage and a few less pounds around my middle.

Forgetting all about pacing, on Sunday I had the most fantastic run. I was in an upbeat mood and set off for a long run. I plugged in my music and went where impulse took me exploring London on a lovely afternoon, passing new areas and going for a look at the Christmas window displays at Harvey Nichols. I was so ‘in the zone’ running felt wonderfully effortless and I carried on to do all 12 miles (of a planned 10 to 12), in 2 hours. That evening I discovered that long runs are also wonderful because I could have a good supper with half a bottle of red and apple pie and still be under my calorie allowance for the day. Result!