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Keeping Warm

I went to BMF again today. I manned up and went back to my normal red group, where I survived the hour and the cold. I am however devastated that due to my still slightly sore ribs I can’t do burpees.

I kept warm wearing my Hippsy Waist Warmer. It’s an extra layer for keeping warm around the middle and kidneys. Great if you favour low-cut jeans or short tops and very useful extra layer around the middle when running, cycling or exercising outdoors in cold temperatures. I like it because it keeps my top tucked into my bottoms. Top tip, size down if wearing with lycra so it doesn’t ride up when moving a lot but maybe not for casual with jeans, a Muffin top is not a good look.

picture from hippsy.co.uk

Janathon day 16. 1 hour BMF class (reds) including… 2.5 miles running, 100 press ups (mostly wimpy girly ones), 50 situps (only managed half – poorly ribs) and 200 blooming squats (such a tragedy I can’t do burpees).